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Originally published June 7 2005

Interview: unrefined coconut oil from Quality First International

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Steve: I'm speaking to Michael Goodry. He is a national distributor for Quality First International. Is coconut oil your product?

Goodry: Yes, we focus on high-quality products, but this is our premium product. It's called Virgin Oil de Coco Crème. It's a trade name given to this specific coconut oil because of the way it's made.

Steve: What's unique about it?

Goodry: What's so unique about it is that when you make coconut oil, you're dealing with 50 percent moisture, since coconuts are mostly moisture. As you probably know, moisture works against you when you're trying to make a product that has any kind of shelf life. What we do is take the fresh coconut meat, chop it up, and dilute it with water into a coconut milk. We go from the fresh coconut meat to a coconut milk; then, we chill it. We then take this chilled coconut milk and pour it into a series of centrifuges. This allows us to mechanically remove and separate insoluble proteins from the oil and the moisture. Everything gets separated mechanically. By separating all of these elements mechanically, we do not use heat in any part of the process. It gives this product the natural constituents that nature gave the coconut.

Steve: It's still in the raw.

Goodry: It's in its raw form, yes.

Steve: Why won't it spoil?

Goodry: It won't spoil because the natural vitamin E, antioxidants, and enzymes that nature gave the coconut initially to protect it as a seed, as a nut, are still there. This process has a shelf life of over three years, and it has .07 percent moisture.

Steve: If you just grind up the coconut and extract it yourself, why will it spoil?

Goodry: Too much moisture.

Steve: Just moisture?

Goodry: Yes.

Steve: And protein, right?

Goodry: There's too much moisture in there, so you need to somehow figure out a way to separate it.

Steve: How are some of the products used?

Goodry: This coconut oil has its natural constituents; therefore, it has the highest nutrient value because it has all its natural constituents intact. It has a shelf life of over three years because it doesn't readily oxidize. That's the problem you're dealing with. A lot of oils, when refined, are stripped of their antioxidants, so they oxidize readily. That's why refining oils is a very tricky process.

Steve: What are people using this for?

Goodry: The reason why coconut oil has become so popular is that there's a lot of recent information coming out, showing that it helps to reduce weight because of the medium and short chain fatty acids. In addition, it's 65 percent lauric acid. What is special about lauric acid is that you find it in mother's breast milk. The mother's body makes lauric acid for the breast milk to build immunity in the baby. If lauric acid wasn't so important, why would the mother's body make it for the milk for the baby? The point is that coconut is the richest source of lauric acid, and the only other place you find it is in mother's breast milk. There's some kind of correlation we can make there and assume lauric acid must be good for your body.

Lauric acid is a raw material your body uses to make monolaurin. Monolaurin is an antiviral, antibacterial property your body uses to build the immune system, and fend off everyday viruses and bacteria that the body is supposed to. Without that raw material, your body cannot make monolaurin. If you don't have lauric acid in your diet, you can't make monolaurin. That's why this is a popular food. As a raw food, if you took a teaspoon of this a day, you're building your immunity. You're also enhancing your metabolism, which helps you to lose weight. It's not a magic bullet, but it's one other thing that will enhance your metabolism because of the short and medium chain fatty acids.

Steve: How are people using it?

Goodry: Well, they're using it as a supplement. They're using it to cook food, and they're also using it for hair and skin as a moisturizer and as a beauty care product. Because it has the natural vitamin E, antioxidants, and enzymes, you can put it on your skin as a moisturizer, and this oil will go right into your skin. It's a great, great enhancer of that as well.

What also makes our oil unique, and the reason why a lot of people are gravitating toward it, is because it's truly a raw fat; that is, we never use heat when making it, so it's truly a raw fat. It's a lot easier for your liver to break down a raw food, like a raw avocado, than a cooked avocado, even though less people would be cooking avocado. People do eat processed and refined fats, which are a lot harder for the body to break down. This is a lot easier for your body to break down because it's a raw fat.

Steve: If people are interested in this product, can they go to a website?

Goodry: We have a website,, or they can contact me. I'm the national distributor, if they're interested in buying the product. We're also putting together a couple of websites, where eventually, you'll be able to order them online. Right now, we're selling it to health food stores.

Steve: Do you have any health food stores that people might check out right now?

Goodry: Yes, if you go to any of your main health food stores in the area, and the food co-op's, you'll probably find the product.

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