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Originally published May 29 2005

The accelerating decline of health in America: how an entire population lost its marbles

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Welcome to the degenerate USA! As you interact with people everyday in society, have you noticed that more and more of them are in a state of mental and physical degeneration? I used to volunteer at a nursing home; I brought water to residents, told them stories, and gave them hand massages. When you do that, you get a pretty good sense of knowing when people just aren't mentally present. It's like the lights are on, but no one's home.

I've seen this in literally hundreds of nursing home patients, but lately I've been noticing more and more of that same "nobody's home" look in the people walking around in everyday society. It's as if our nation had turned into a giant nursing home. In fact, if you were to really zoom out and get a top level view of our nation in comparison to the level of health of which human beings are capable, you'd be absolutely shocked. Looking down at the USA from outer space, for example, you would notice that it is a nation of physical and mental degenerates.

In this country, the number of people experiencing peak human health is very, very small... maybe 1 in 100. Of course, there are quite a number of people who get by and do okay, but the vast majority of Americans experience ongoing chronic disease and nervous system degeneration. Thus, they take on that "nursing home" look. I'm talking about people who are my own age, too -- people in their 30s, and even more in their 40s and 50s. In this country, by the time people get into your 60s, most of them are well into the advanced stages of chronic degenerative disease.

It's downright scary to look at the level of mental degeneration currently demonstrated by the people who in charge of society -- by the decision makers themselves. Some are lawmakers, and many are bureaucrats and doctors. In fact, our entire (organized) medical profession is made up of individuals who are among the least healthy professionals in society. It's hard to find a group of working people with more health problems than MDs, and they're in charge of health!

So why do we live in such a degenerate society? What's the cause of this degeneration? There are basically two causes. Primarily, there's an utter lack of nutrition, both in our national food supply and in our avoidance of sunlight and nutritional supplements. Secondly, the American people's minds and bodies are being poisoned by prescription drugs, food additives, metabolic disruptors, artificial light, toxic chemicals in personal care products, household cleaners, and so on.

We have a degenerate society here right now, and actually, if you're the king of this society, it's kind of handy to have a bunch of people who don't think too much. You're going to want people to have just enough capability to work hard, pay taxes and consume products. Beyond that, you really don't want people thinking clearly, and certainly not questioning the paradigms that create centers of control and profit for Big Business and power-hungry bureaucrats.

If you're running the show and you don't have any ethics, then you sort of want to keep people in a half-awake, half-asleep state of mind. And that's what I see around me every day in this society. More and more people are like walking zombies. They're filing in and out of pharmacies. They're lining up at doctor's offices. And they're clipping coupons for grocery store products that not only lack any sort of basic nutrition, but actually poison their minds and bodies with chemical additives.

Too mind-numbed to protest

This explains why there's no outrage from people, even though there are atrocities and crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the FDA, drug companies and food manufacturers. There's no march on Washington. There are no protests outside the FDA headquarters. People have been lulled asleep. It's not that they don't care what's going on around them, it's that they're not even aware of it because they're on the very drugs that sap their will, cloud their brains and take away their lucidity. They're on statin drugs, antidepressant drugs, and other mind-altering chemicals that create mental disorders in people who choose to consume them.

This is what we have in society today. It's a degenerate society -- The United States of Degenerate America. It is no exaggeration to say that the population of the United States of America is the single most physically and mentally diseased population ever observed in the history of human civilization. There has never been a group of people with the epidemics of chronic disease we now demonstrate in the U.S. And the only reason it's not being called a "crisis" is because our foods, drugs and consumer products have poisoned our minds to such a degree that people have basically lost any ability to think clearly. A jaw-dropping 40% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug right now, and some people are taking over a dozen prescriptions at once.

In the food category, the mass consumption of hydrogenated oils causes malformed brains and nervous systems in infants. It disrupts normal brain function, causes brain fog, and lowers the oxygenation of cells throughout the body. Americans eat well over 10 billion pounds of hydrogenated oils each year, and the FDA still refuses to ban the ingredient even though the World Health Organization urged nations to outlaw this substance decades ago (in 1979)!

Add in chemical taste enhancers (MSG), chemical sweeteners (aspartame), mind-numbing drugs (statins and antidepressant drugs) and brain-frying chemicals in personal care products (antibacterial soaps) and you get a population that very closely resembles the "nobody's home" elderly I was helping at the nursing home. We're beyond the point of reason in this country. In a democracy, when more than 50% of the population can't think clearly, that democracy is doomed to implode sooner or later. And we're well beyond 50% today. Out in public, I'm lucky to find 1 in 20 people who seem lucid at all. That's only 5%.

I'm about to shed some light on how the powers that be manage to keep everybody so sick and diseased in the United States. My newest book, "Health Seduction" describes how food, drug and cosmetics companies trick people into buying hazardous products again and again. If you'd like to reclaim clarity of mind and be immune to the unscrupulous marketing tactics of these companies, check out Health Seduction at


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