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Originally published April 23 2005

Organized medicine remains ignorant of causes, treatments for prostate cancer

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A new study published in the journal Cancer reveals that men who are undergoing treatment for prostate cancer are often underdiagnosed for their risk of osteoporosis. What's most amazing about this study, however, is how researchers have missed the big picture that both prostate cancer and osteoporosis in men have a common cause: lack of exposure to natural sunlight. Sensible exposure to ultraviolet radiation creates vitamin D in the body and prevents both prostate cancer and osteoporosis. Thus, when these two so-called diseases occur simultaneously in a patient, it is not likely mere coincidence. They are, in fact, strongly correlated.

In women, this appears as breast cancer and osteoporosis, or sometimes cervical cancer and osteoporosis. In advanced stages, it can even become osteomalacia, which is a serious deterioration of the bones. Yet, researchers and scientists still manage to miss the big picture. It's absolutely astounding that these scientists, published in a peer-reviewed journal, cannot even see the obvious point that sunlight is essential for optimum human health.

People who lack sunlight are automatically setting themselves up for various cancers and osteoporosis, yet sunlight goes completely unmentioned in this research. In fact, virtually all the research on osteoporosis, prostate cancer or breast cancer fails to mention sunlight. It is a great disservice to public health for these so-called health experts and researchers to be ignorant of the role sunlight plays in human health.

Also, in this particular study and in the press release describing it, we see distorted language and twisted logic that's characteristic of conventional medicine. Here we see osteoporosis described as a disease that is caused by a hormone regulation problem affecting the rebuilding of bones. But in fact, the hormones are not the cause of the disease; their imbalance is the effect of malnutrition.

The cause of these diseases is, once again, a common nutritional deficiency: lack of sunlight, without which all the calcium in the world cannot be absorbed and assimilated by the body (because calcium cannot be absorbed in the intestine without the presence of vitamin D). It is no more complex than saying scurvy is a result of vitamin C deficiency, or rickets is a result of vitamin D deficiency.

Many diseases automatically appear as a result of a deficiency in one or more nutrients, and osteoporosis, prostate cancer and breast cancer are all precipitated by a lack of vibrational nutrition, or natural sunlight. Even vitamin D is not the entire answer to this. Without a doubt there are influences of natural sunlight that go beyond the creation of vitamin D, and thus a discussion of vitamin D alone cannot account for the nutritional deficiency present in these diseases, nor the ability to treat and reverse those diseases through the consumption of nutritional supplements.

If you think about it, it wasn't too long ago that conventional medicine thought there were only four vitamins: vitamins A, E, C and B. They thought that as long as you had these four vitamins, you would be a healthy individual. Of course, we now know that to be just a very small part of the big picture. People need more than four vitamins, and what I think we'll see in the future is the recognition that we need more than just chemical compounds in our body to be healthy.

I'm a big proponent of a theoretical body of knowledge called vibrational nutrition, which includes homeopathy, sunlight, the memory of water, sound therapy, light therapy, photo therapy and other similar vibrational modalities. In time, I believe these will all be recognized as necessary nutritional components for human health in the same way that chemical compounds are recognized today. Yet, in modern times, conventional medicine is slow to adopt any new paradigms. It doesn't want to admit that vibrational nutrition has anything to do with health, much in the same way that it didn't want to admit vitamins were actually good for you for several decades. To put it bluntly, medical professors hate to rewrite their lectures.

In fact, until recently, the American Medical Association adamantly insisted that vitamins were not just a waste of money, but were actually harmful. You'll still see press releases and announcements from the medical establishment from time to time that claim certain vitamins are harmful to human health. These are nothing but the desperate cries of an old medical hierarchy that wants to protect its intellectual territory and fend off any new theories that would challenge the old system of health, disease and medicine. That's why you don't see any discussion of sunlight when looking at issues about prostate cancer and osteoporosis.

Until conventional medicine grows up and starts to recognize the vibrational nature of the universe, and how the human body is more than a reductionist collection of its parts, medical researchers will remain mystified about the true causes of disease. They will continue to explain the causes of these diseases by describing the effects because they don't really know the true causes. Those causes don't fit the current model of scientific understanding.

That's why, as Deepak Chopra says, today's medical researchers are fantastic technicians, but terrible healers. I agree completely. They understand chemistry and molecular biology, and can tear things apart and peek at them in their microscopes, but they have no clue about how things work holistically. They don't understand true cause and effect, or how to create a state of health and healing in a patient. All they really understand is the allopathic, combative approach to treating or masking symptoms with synthetic chemicals, radiation, chemotherapy or other destructive modalities.

The bottom line is that if you're diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is very likely that you are suffering from a sunlight deficiency (among other nutritional deficiencies), and it is simultaneously unlikely that your doctor will have any clue at all about this link. Should you be diagnosed with prostate cancer or breast cancer, it's a great idea to also be checked out for symptoms of osteoporosis.

As usual, I strongly urge you to work with a naturopathic physician who can check your current levels of vitamin D and offer a health-enhancing strategy for getting more sunlight, enhancing your circulating levels of vitamin D and improving your health for the rest of your life.

On top of that, I've also completed a new book on prostate cancer entitled, "How to Prevent and Reverse Prostate Cancer," which spells out the real solutions to this disease in plain English, without the medical jargon. You'll find that at the Truth Publishing website.


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