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Originally published April 21 2005

Spring Cleaning Week surveys unveil startling statistics

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

New surveys show that 83 percent of Brits think that happiness is a clean house. 63 percent claim that happiness is a shiny sink, and the act of cleaning itself gives 57 percent of the population a sense of satisfaction. This is in contrast to the people of Wales, 15 percent of whom have never touched a duster or a brush. Psychological analyst Phillip Hodson sums it up by remarking that "Cleanliness may be next to godliness but the British put cleanliness next to happiness."

Happiness in Britain is a duster and toilet brush, but not if you‚¨(TM)re Welsh. A new survey has revealed that for 83% of us happiness is a clean house but the least hygiene-conscious people in Britain appear to be the Welsh. Carried out to mark Spring Cleaning Week (April 2 to April 9), the survey found that the Brits love their homes to be clean and feel unhappy if they are not. For 63% of Britons happiness is a shiny sink, and cleaning gives 57% of the population a feeling of satisfaction. But the highest figure for non-cleaners was found in Wales, with 15% apparently never touching a duster or brush. While being able to see their face gleaming in the porcelain of the loos is important to 14% of Londoners, just 5% of people in Wales say they feel the same way. According to the Omnibus survey for Spontex, clean bathrooms matters twice as much to people in the north east (14%) as it does to those in Yorkshire and Humberside (7%). Top of the pile for reaching for the feather duster are East-Midlanders, where 95% are more or less constantly cleaning. ‚¨oeCleanliness may be next to godliness but the British put cleanliness next to happiness,‚¨ said psychological analyst Phillip Hodson. When it comes to stressing about having to clean the house, it‚¨(TM)s more of a problem for women (38%) than men (24%). And twice as many Londoners (43%) are stressed by it compared to those in the north east (22%). But Mr Hodson said: ‚¨oeIf cleaning is the new therapy, there is a marked difference of mood before and after the event just as with a real-life therapy session.

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