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Originally published February 15 2005

MacNut Oil from Nature's Way makes heart-healthy oil available to mainstream grocery shoppers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

There's a new product now available at grocery stores that deserves some attention for people who want to be healthy and avoid heart disease. The product is Nature's Way MacNut Oil (macadamia nut oil). It has most likely been introduced in response to the popularity of the Hamptons diet, which espouses the health benefits of macadamia nuts and macadamia nut oil. Without question, macadamia nut oil is very good for your health; not just your cardiovascular health, but also the healthy function of your nervous system. It has been one of my top recommended healing foods for quite some time. But I've never seen it conveniently available as an oil, and that's the exciting news here. Now you can go into a health food store or finer grocery stores and find this Nature's Way EFA Gold MacNut Oil product right on the shelf.

As always, this is not a paid endorsement of any kind. The Nature's Way company is not even aware that I'm reviewing their product here, this is simply my own opinion on a healthful product that I think people deserve to know about. Nature's Way, by the way, is also the maker of my #1 recommended whole food concentrate vitamin called Alive! whole food energizer, which I've written about in other articles and maintains a top position on my A-List (the supplement, not the shake, because the shake is sweetened with fructose). If you want to prevent diseases like cancer, Alive! is something I strongly recommend. And if you want to prevent cardiovascular disease, macadamia nut oil is the way to go.

A lot of people don't know some of the creative ways in which you can use macadamia nut oil, and that's the topic of this article. Nutritionally speaking, macadamia nut oil is somewhere around 80% monounsaturated fats. That makes it the single healthiest oil available on the market in terms of cardiovascular health. It has no trans-fatty acids, and it's very low in saturated fats. As a result, it actually enhances heart health; it helps reduce the build up of plaque or atherosclerosis, it reduces the risk of heart disease, and it helps people in many other ways as well, including blood sugar regulation for diabetics.

But as with any fat, it is a high calorie food, meaning that if you consume it in large quantities, then you're likely to overdo your calorie intake for the day and end up gaining body fat, so this is an oil to be used like any other oil: in moderation.

Where exactly should you use this oil? Start with using it as a cooking oil. Macadamia nut oil is especially useful for cooking, because it is resistant to the chemical alteration that normally takes place in oils at high cooking temperatures. Macadamia nut oil can go up to 450 degrees without undergoing this alteration, making it one of the healthiest choices for cooking oils. This puts it on par with extra virgin olive oil, which is also an excellent choice for cooking oils.

One of the next ways to use macadamia nut oil is to enjoy the taste as part of a protein blend or protein shake. To do this, simply blend up some soy milk, stevia, rice protein or other protein source, add some flavorings such as vanilla or chocolate (that would be cocoa powder only, not sweetened chocolate), and then add in a couple of tablespoons of macadamia nut oil. This will make the drink have the texture and taste of ice cream, because when you're eating ice cream it's actually the fat combined with the sugars that makes it taste so good. By adding macadamia nut oil to a blended shake, you give it the taste and texture of a high fat ice cream shake without having to consume the saturated animal fats found in cows' milk and dairy products. In other words, it gives you all the taste experience of cream without the unhealthy consequences of cream.

Remember that fat tastes great, so you're missing out if you take healthy oils as nutritional supplements. Use it as part of your foods, and you'll get to enjoy the delicious taste of these oils while you're helping your cardiovascular health at the same time.

You can also use macadamia nut oil as part of your salad dressing. You might want to use it with balsamic vinegar to make an oil and vinegar salad dressing. Or you can soak some salad dressing herbs in a bottle of macadamia nut oil, and make your own dressing that way.

As you'll find, macadamia nut oil has a variety of uses, and I encourage you to experiment with using it in place of any other oil (or even butter) in a variety of recipes. Remember, you can drink it hot or cold, you can cook with it or blend with it, just be sure to get some into your diet, because this is probably the single healthiest oil that you can put into your body.

Of course, you can also get macadamia nut oil into your body by eating macadamia nuts. You're also getting some fiber, protein and carbohydrates at the same time. People tend to make a big mistake when they consume macadamia nuts, though, because they buy roasted nuts, salted nuts or sweetened nuts. A lot of nut mixes are actually made with monosodium glutamate, a chemical taste enhancer that causes damage to the nervous system. So it's easy to go wrong when buying and consuming nuts. If you're going to eat nuts, eat them raw with no salt, no sugar, and no additives. You might have to visit a health food store or a food co-op in order to find raw nuts.

Hopefully, some grocery product manufacturer will soon come out with a margarine product based on macadamia nut oil. The perfect margarine would have coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and butter flavor, whipped into the texture of margarine. That would be quite heart-healthy and have no trans-fatty acids whatsoever. Of course, it would also be the most expensive margarine product on the market, but as consumers become more educated about the health benefits of healthy oils, they are increasingly willing to pay higher prices for healthy ingredients. People who buy cheap oils or regular margarine products think they're getting a great deal, but in fact they are sacrificing their long term health while saving a couple of dollars at the grocery store. And that's not a long term economic decision that makes any sense.

Think about it: for the cost of one heart bypass surgery, you can buy a lifetime of heart-healthy MacNut Oil from Nature's Way and enjoy a little of it each and every day for your long life. So invest in yourself on this one: check out Nature's Way MacNut Oil, and keep your eyes peeled for other products made with macadamia nut oil. You will be very pleased with the taste as well as the health results.


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