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Originally published December 15 2004

Group of doctors accuses drug companies of inventing fictitious diseases to sell more prescription drugs

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The Royal College of General Practitioners in the U.K. has accused drug companies of inventing fictitious diseases or exaggerating the severity of symptoms in order to boost drug sales. It's being called 'disease mongering' and the college explains that pharmaceutical companies are taking the National Health Service to the brink of collapse by hyping both these diseases and the assortment of prescription drugs used to treat their symptoms.

The diseases named by the college as being over-hyped include hypertension, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, anxiety and clinical depression. The college says that these diseases are inappropriately treated with drugs and that many of the physicians prescribing such drugs have financial ties with the pharmaceutical companies. In response, a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical industry in the U.K. actually said, 'The Royal College of General Practitioners is suffering from argumentative disease and we have a drug for that.'

From my view, the whole thing is quite ridiculous. The drug companies are inventing so many fictitious diseases that they should hire their own intellectual property attorneys and seek patents on those diseases. Imagine if you owned the patent for diabetes... you could charge royalties for any person in the country who was diagnosed with the disease. Or, if you owned the patent for cancer, you could reap a fortune by charging patients $5 or $10 a month just to have cancer. After all, when cancer cells divide, they are replicating the gene sequence of a cancer cell. So, if you can patent the gene sequence of cancer, you can become an instant billionaire and go after individuals who violate your patents by manufacturing their own cancer cells. (Gee, did I just accidentally give the drug companies a legitimate idea, or what?)

Of course, if you can't patent the disease, the next best thing is to patent the toxic chemicals that claims to treat the symptoms of that disease, and that's where we get drugs like statin drugs, antidepressants, COX-2 inhibitors and other dangerous chemicals concocted by the pharmaceutical industry and approved by the now-discredited FDA.

It's pretty clear that the pharmaceutical industry wants to define everybody in the population as being sick, and even if you think you are healthy and deny the fact that you have any diseases whatsoever, they could diagnose you with "Denial Disorder" (DD) by sending you to the right psychiatrist. There are lots of drugs readily available for DD, just as there are for other fictitious diseases like social anxiety disorder or fear of public speaking.

Is there really a person alive who isn't afraid of public speaking in the first place? This isn't a brain chemistry disorder. This is a Big Pharma con game of redefining natural emotions as being 'brain chemistry imbalances'. And that's one of the many games played by Big Pharma. They redefine normalcy as illness, and once they give it a disease name, suddenly everybody's taking prescription drugs for it.

That's how Ritalin became so popular. They invented a disease and gave it a name. They dreamed up "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" and suddenly it was a bona-fide disease that demanded prescription drugs. And of course, psychiatrists were happy to dole out those prescriptions because they got kickbacks from drug companies or ego-feeding power rushes by pushing prescriptions onto little kids who really just had a problem with too much sugar in their diets.

The ultimate goal of the pharmaceutical industry is, of course, to legislate the existence of these diseases so that if a person disagrees that he or she is clinically depressed, for example, then by law they must be placed on antidepressant drugs. Or if a parent believes drugs are dangerous and tries to treat their child with natural herbal therapies or nutrition, the state can come in and take away that child and declare the parent to be mentally incompetent because they didn't use synthetic chemicals as part of their medical treatment.

As a service to these drug companies, I've decided to offer them some names for additional diseases they should invent and market drugs for. The first should be "Recurring Hallucinogenesis Disease" (RHD). This happens when people get tired in the evening. They lie down and close their eyes, and before long, they begin hallucinating. All sorts of images and sounds appear in their head, normally lasting for several hours until morning. This is obviously some sort of strange brain disorder that should be treated with prescription drugs. And it appears to be quite widespread.

Another disease should be called "Irrational Attraction Disorder." This occurs when a person is in the presence of someone of the opposite sex and they begin to experience symptoms that are obviously indicative of a serious nervous system disorder. Those symptoms may include increased respiration, heart palpitations, impaired mental ability and the urge to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the near vicinity, even strangers. This is obviously a serious mental disorder affecting a great number of people, and we should invent prescription drugs to treat it.

Lastly, we have a very serious disorder taking place in this country called "Cerebral Activation Disease" (CAD). This appears when people begin to educate themselves by reading about the true causes of health and nutrition and start making new connections in their brains about how to stay healthy and avoid chronic disease. Their intelligence rises and they begin to question the mainstream propaganda on prescription drugs and medicine, and they even switch to naturopathic doctors instead of MDs. For their own safety, we obviously need to have a drug that eliminates this highly contagious disease and makes sure that people only have the mental capacity to follow doctors' orders.

Because thinking is, of course, a brain disorder.


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