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Originally published December 5 2004 website provides educational resources for consumers wanting to learn about the health dangers of dairy products, explains Robert Cohen

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The following is part six of an interview with Robert Cohen, author of "Milk, the Deadly Poison," and

Mike Adams: What kinds of additional information can people find at your website,

Robert Cohen: Well, you can have a little bit of fun, and you can read, right in the middle up top, the average pus count in your milk. If I held out a glass of milk and said, "Here drink this, it has only 100 pus cells," you wouldn't do it, but the average quart of milk sold in America last year contained 319 million pus cells. That's the average quart of milk. But you can go right down the list, which I've included on the column, and you can see that the state of Maryland has 350 million pus cells in a quart of milk. You can see that the state of Mississippi has 442 million, in the sate of Mississippi, it would be illegal to sell milk if it were in Europe or in Canada -- 400 million is their magic number.

Mike Adams: So why does this vary from one state to another, Robert?

Robert Cohen: It varies because of geographic regions -- generally, the hotter you get the more bacterial count in milk, the more ulcers the cows get on their udders, the more mastitis, the more pus they put into the milk. These are sick animals.

Mike Adams: I think most people who aren't familiar with this subject would expect that somebody is in control and making sure that pus isn't going into the drinking milk.

Robert Cohen: But that's what milk is. See, a cow filters through her udder every single day 10,000 liters of blood. And milk, white milk, is actually dead white blood cells, and they're somatic cells, or pus cells. That's what milk is -- it's pus. Pus is not dangerous -- it's not one of the dangerous things in milk, it's just disgusting. But it's delicious -- ever eat pus mixed into sugar and freezing it? Ice cream, but it's yummy! But what else can you find on the Not Milk site? There's a whole expose I've done on some of the goofy milk mustache ads.

You can also find a wonderful letter written by a breast cancer surgeon to his patients, Dr. Robert Kradjian. I call the Famous Milk Letter, right at the very top of the page, and it's explained in layperson's terms how milk is something that causes a number of discomforts and diseases for people. The root of childhood allergies, of eczema, of earaches, of bedwetting, and again, this is not me saying it -- I'm just a guy bringing all of these things together. The chief of pediatrics of Johns Hopkins Medical School, Dr. Frank Oski, wrote a book about milk, and it was called "Donít Drink Your Milk," because of what he observed over his entire career milk did to children. Nothing good about it.

Mike Adams: Speaking of books, what books can people find through the traditional channels -- Amazon or Barnes and Noble, that you've authored?

Robert Cohen: I've just written a new book called "God's Nutritionist." And it's really a very special book. It's based on the work of the most translated author in history of American literature, a woman by the name of Ellen White, who over 100 years ago was writing about vegetarianism and animal rights, and she actually started a movement in America that now includes 13 million vegetarians, and it's called the Seventh-Day Adventists. So, that's my new book, "God's Nutritionist," I have a book called "Milk A to Z," I have, of course, "Milk: the Deadly Poison," which is of course a very subtle title, and I have a new one coming out called "Food for Thought." In any event, that's the agenda, but "God's Nutritionist" is doing very, very well. It's a bestseller already.

Mike Adams: Do you think your message is getting across to more and more people? Are you getting through to people, or are people just, they don't want to hear this?

Robert Cohen: For the most part people don't want to hear this. For the most part pizza and ice cream are too delicious! But, those people who do hear it, and who really do take the message, the type 2 diabetes goes away. The heart disease is a dramatic change. The allergies go away, the congestion goes away, and you've experienced it yourself, Mike. You're a great spokesperson for this. Those people who do it find that things change.

Mike Adams: Just to wrap this up, Robert, is your website. You have daily articles there, and do you have an e-mail newsletter?

Robert Cohen: I have an e-mail newsletter, you can subscribe to it, it's free, and it's probably the largest daily newsletter on the internet. Many thousands of people read my letter every day, and I've got some good columns coming up. Quite often my columns end up as front page news in different newspapers. I spend full-time doing this.

Mike Adams: And people can look for "God's Nutritionist," and the upcoming title "Food for Thought."

Robert Cohen: "God's Nutritionist" is 500 quotations about vegetarianism, and it also contains quote from scientific journals supporting vegetarianism.

Mike Adams: And they can find that through all the traditional channels?

Robert Cohen: It will be in any bookstore -- Barnes and Noble, Amazon, of course.


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