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Originally published December 5 2004

Giving up milk and dairy products results in positive transformation in personal health -- exclusive interview with Robert Cohen

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The following is part five of an interview with Robert Cohen, author of "Milk, the Deadly Poison," and

Mike Adams: I gave up milk years ago, and after doing so, my sinuses cleared up, digestion was much easier, I had more energy, less fatigue. It was an amazing transformation.

Robert Cohen: Well, it's something you noticed, and it's something anybody will notice right away. You can read the propaganda from the dairy industry, and you can go to my website,, and read. I've written a column every day for the last 5 years. But when it comes down to it, you are your best doctor. Try seven days -- don't eat any dairy products -- no milk or cheese -- 7 days. And on day 8, go treat yourself to pizza, and have ice cream for dessert, see what happens on day 9.

Mike Adams: If you dare, right?

Robert Cohen: Well, during the first 7 days, the mucus, the phlegm -- you're going to lose three to four quarts of mucus that are clogging your kidney, spleen, pancreas -- all your internal organs. You don't even know it's there! Because it's what the average American eats every day. When you cleanse yourself, it's like a fog lifts out of your body.

Mike Adams: Did you say 3 quarts -- how much mucus did you say there?

Robert Cohen: Three to four quarts. Can you imagine? It's evenly dispersed throughout all of your internal organs so that your kidneys are a sponge for mucus. I have an autopsy of a very famous American athlete. Go back to Flo-Jo when she won her gold medal in the Olympics, and she died after she did a milk mustache ad, after she ate pizza -- fifteen hours after she had her last meal, she died and in her stomach were 250 cubic centimeters of undigested mozzarella cheese, 15 hours after she ate it, and the body was in such distress because it couldn't break that down that her body produced a tremendous amount of histamines, which made a tremendous amount of mucus. She had one drug in her body, Benadryl, which is an antihistamine -- she knew she was congested.

And the coroner slicing through her kidney described the thick, viscous phlegm that came out of the kidney, the entire lungs, the trachea and the tracheal-bronchial tree were acutely, in the coroner's words, were acutely congested from mucus. She even had finger marks on her throat, and that pizza she ate, she ate her last meal at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and died at 6 a.m. the next day -- 15 hours later, that mozzarella was still not digested, and the congestion from that… that's why I say seven days no dairy, have pizza for dinner, ice cream for dessert, the next morning, you're going to wake up so congested, so mucusy, it's depressing what it does to you. You diminish your lung capacity, sexual drive, it messes you up in the toilet -- it's nice to be dairy-free for that week, because once you see both extremes, I can't imagine how anybody would go back to using dairy products.

Mike Adams: Isn't it true that drinking milk even increases body odor and makes you stink?

Robert Cohen: The Japanese used to call Americans "the butter people." Because they could smell us -- they could smell the rotten, putrefying milk and dairy in our skin, and I eat entirely a plant-based diet now, and when I lecture, when I go on tour, I can smell people, and it really is in the sense of smell. But you don't know it until you live that lifestyle, and then it's like a secret handshake that people from the planet vega have! Vegans can smell other people…they know.

Mike Adams: It's funny that you mention that -- I was thinking about that this morning, riding on a bike trail, and I can smell people as I pass them, and it's not only just from their diet but also the laundry detergent they use with fragrance, just loaded up with fragrance.

Robert Cohen: You can smell it coming out of them. And it really is something….you are what you eat. I find, if you were to ask me the key to health, the key to health versus disease, is animal protein is very different from plant protein. And for years, vegetarians would argue that it's the same protein -- you get everything the same! It's not the same protein. Animal protein has a lot more of two amino acids - one is methianine, and the other is cysteine, and those two amino acids have as their central atom sulfur. Now, imagine the smell of rotten eggs infusing into every cell of your body. The sulfur rotten egg smell is what we smell. It's what vegans or vegetarians smell on meat-eaters. And the more chicken you eat, the more you're going to stink. And the more you're going to stink and your own body fluids are going to stink. That TV show Sex and the City had a very special episode regarding that, but we may not go into that in this interview.

But vegans, people who are eating a plant-based diet, are eating very clean fuel for their bodies. And of course, milk is liquid meat. Milk and dairy products are the worst form of these polluting substances. Not only with the tremendous dioxin level, but with the tremendous amount of sulfur. You don't want that rotten egg smell -- that's what accelerates heart disease, and that's what accelerates bone loss. So that's why we find the people living in nations where they eat the most dairy products are the ones with the highest rates of osteoporosis and heart disease. That's the reason.

Mike Adams: It's interesting too that when people go off of milk for a period of several months, they will find their taste changes, and then if they were to take a sip of milk again, they would find it rather disgusting. I've heard this from many people, I've experienced it myself.

Robert Cohen: Right. That's true.

Mike Adams: What happened with you in that regard? Did you ever go back and try a sip of milk?

Robert Cohen: No, I did not, although I was eating, a year after I made the discovery, I was still eating milk chocolate, and that was my weakness, without recognizing that it takes 4 pounds of milk to make one pound of milk chocolate. So, I was getting it in different forms. I would occasionally eat a slice of bread that had milk powder in it. Now, I'm pretty obsessive about it. I have zero dairy, and I haven't had any for six or seven years, but I've occasionally made mistakes, but not of recent times. Do I salivate when I see pizza? Absolutely. Do I remember how delicious it was? Sure. I cook pizza at home, and now most restaurants will make you a cheeseless pizza. You can have a lot of fun with a cheeseless pizza.

Mike Adams: I do soy cheese pizzas from time to time, but try to stay away from pizza in general. But I agree with you -- the idea of sinking your teeth into a pile of cheese still sounds good.

Robert Cohen: You know something? These foods are delicious, but, I don't want to necessarily see you live to be 100 years old. Living to be 100 or 110 is not the top priority. The important thing is not living a long life -- it's dying well. Because the average American spends 10 to 20 years dying and suffering, and giving all of your money back to your doctor in that period.

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