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Originally published December 5 2004

Milk won't help you lose weight, says dairy industry critic Robert Cohen

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The following is part four of an interview with Robert Cohen, author of "Milk, the Deadly Poison," and

Mike Adams: Let's talk about marketing. The dairy industry, for many years, they focused on the message that milk gave you healthy bones. And now recently, they're focused on weight loss -- milk is a weight loss drink, which I find somewhat hilarious...

Robert Cohen: Yeah, of course! You drink something with a lot of calories and a lot of fat in it with growth hormones, of course you're going to lose weight! Makes all the sense in the world. As a matter of fact, little infants, they're supposed to have half their weight after three months -- of course, they double their weight, don't they, after three months? A weight-loss product -- that's absurd!

Mike Adams: How do you think the dairy industry, I would say, gets away with making these implications and sort of these claims in their marketing and advertising? How can they do this?

Robert Cohen: Well understand that on this planet we've got about a quarter of a million different journals, and it's really easy to get something published. And, what differentiates one publication from another is the PC -- you know what the PC is? It's not the personal computer. It's the press conference. What you do is you throw a press conference in the Plaza Hotel in New York, and you invite the key members of the press, and make them know that at lunchtime they're having giant shrimp cocktail and roast beef. They're going to be there to report the story, and you give them a really beautifully prepared press kit, and you've written the story for them, and it's in the papers the next day, it's on television, and that's how America's perception constantly is stroked. And when they have a half a billion dollars a year budget to constantly promote these things and produce these stories and these phony studies, hey -- that's just what they do. They do it well.

But you know, it's funny, sometimes the dairy industry is the gang that couldn't shoot straight. Remember that movie? Robert DeNiro, it's a movie out of the 70s about the mafia, and everything they do they do it wrong? The dairy industry has done these milk mustache ads, and one of the ads, when you talk about strong bones, had the cast of the one of the doctor shows on TV, with the three doctors posing with x-rays of their body. And in all of the bodies, the hips were deteriorated with bone disease -- very funny. Two male doctors, one female, and they were all female doctors with shriveled-up hearts that you could see, deteriorated bone density.

Mike Adams: But the average person wouldn't recognize that, right?

Robert Cohen: No, but they do things, again, to just shoot themselves in the foot. They hire vegans to do milk ads, they hire people who are already sick from milk. Larry King -- can you imagine him doing a milk mustache ad right after he had triple-bypass surgery? Every day the average American is eating from milk and dairy the same cholesterol contained in 53 slices of bacon. You do that all your life, by age 53, you have the same cholesterol as contained in a million slices of bacon, and you wonder why heart disease is America's number one killer.

Mike Adams: What about all the science the dairy industry produces to claim milk is good for you?

Robert Cohen: You know something interesting? The dairy industry sponsors studies, and as a researcher, I could design any study I want to and prove anything I want to based upon the parameters of the study and the species of mammal I use. But the dairy industry has done studies with humans, and they say, "Here's a glass of milk. Drink the glass of milk." And the subject does, and ten minutes later -- "How do you feel? Do you have mucus? No? Great." Headline in paper because they've got a great press conference: "Drinking milk does not cause mucus."

Now, you say that to any marathon runner or triathelete or opera singer or Broadway star, they know that using dairy products causes mucus. They have to stay away from it or they're not going to be able to perform. And that's not a scientific study, that's just something they just know. It's a given! Yet, the study, the science shows that drinking milk doesn't cause mucus. Well, I told you the reaction to bovine serumlactobumin, to casein, the milk protein casein, the histamine production takes 12 to 15 hours. So, you're not going to keep a subject in the laboratory for 12 to 15 hours. "Drink a glass of milk -- do you have mucus? No? Great. Milk doesn't cause mucus." Of course it does! And it causes asthma attacks, and it causes these allergic reactions.

And Flo-Jo's autopsy -- go to, and right in the middle column you'll see Flo-Jo with the results of the autopsy, and it's just terrifying what this does, and how it kills six to eight thousand Americans every year! It's not going to kill everybody who eats a slice of pizza, but everybody is going to have the histamines and the mucus.

Mike Adams: Well, hey, Big Tobacco says nicotine isn't addictive, Big Sugar says sugar doesn't cause diabetes and obesity -- why not the dairy industry saying that milk doesn't create mucus in the human body, huh?

Robert Cohen: Well, they can get away with it, and again, these other industries don't finance the amounts of studies -- Robert Heaney gets $7 million a year at the University of Creighton to put out stuff like this, and every month it's another study -- it doesn't cause breast cancer, it doesn't cause allergies -- it's nonsense. We have thousands of studies that show that milk is just something we should not be consuming.

Mike Adams: So, is the consumer any better off to go for so-called natural milk products like organic milk?

Robert Cohen: Let me say something that most people do not understand. You will not find one, not even one molecule of genetically engineered bovine growth hormone in any glass of milk consumed in America today. Because the bovine growth hormone that has been genetically engineered is injected into the cow's rump. By the time it works on the cow's brain, it stimulates her to make milk containing more of those naturally occurring hormones. So whether you're drinking organic milk, or milk from cows treated with that hormone, the milk that results is going to be exactly the same. Exactly the same hormones -- the genetically engineered cows will give you milk with more hormones, but you won't be drinking genetically engineered hormones. You'll just be drinking more of those naturally occurring hormones.

Mike Adams: So it's just a concentration difference.

Robert Cohen: It's just a difference of number of those hormones. It's all the same hormone in the milk -- genetically engineered milk does not contain genetically engineered hormones. It works on the brain to stimulate the cow to make milk containing more hormones. But it's the same hormones you would get in an organic glass of milk, and those hormones are dangerous. The good old wholesome milk hormones are dangerous. The ones that we thought were so wholesome are so dangerous, and shouldn't be in your body.

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