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Originally published December 5 2004

Milk and dairy products cause Crohn's disease, mucous and irritable bowel syndrome -- interview with Robert Cohen

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The following is part one of an interview with Robert Cohen, author of "Milk, the Deadly Poison," and

Mike Adams: Would you be willing to provide an overview for people who aren't familiar with the real story of dairy products and cow's milk? What are the main things people need to know about milk that they don't already know?

Robert Cohen: The real story is that dairy products are the tastiest foods on this planet. There is nothing more delicious than cheese -- a day without cheese is a day without sunshine. Milk is yummy, especially if you take 12 pounds of it and get rid of all the water, mix it with sugar, freeze it and put a cherry on top. Milk, dairy, cheese, ice cream, yogurt -- I don't know how I ever lived without these things. I was probably the biggest dairy consumer in the state of New Jersey where I lived, and so were my kids. Until one day something called genetic engineering hit our table, and I started investigating whether I wanted my kids to drink good old wholesome milk, or the genetically engineered milk.

I used to run a lab -- I did research, and I tried to take a pretty fair look at all of the controversies regarding genetic engineering. This was back in '94, and I started reading scientific journal articles about GMO milk. I started investigating, calling Monsanto and speaking with their scientists. One day it hit me -- after doing a week, a month, a year of investigations, it hit me -- it's milk, stupid! Cow's milk, every sip of cow's milk has virus in it; and pus and bacteria, powerful growth hormones, proteins that cause allergies, antibiotics, pesticides, fat cholesterol and dioxin -- now, which one of these things do you want in your body?

Mike Adams: Now this is a big shock, I think, for most people to hear this kind of information.

Robert Cohen: Well, you know, it really isn't a shock, because most of your listeners, if I said to them, "Here's a nice ice-cold glass of pig milk to drink with your brownies," or "How about some dog milk with your chocolate chip cookies," they'd get sick. They'd say, "No way!" They'd know instinctively not to do it. As a matter of fact, you couldn't even tempt them with a chilled glass of human breast milk. They'd get sick at the thought of it; because they know that there are substances in those milks that were intended for the young of the species.

And those substances have names -- they are lactopherins, immunoglobins -- you don't want to eat estrogen everyday, and progesterone, and proactin and melatonin and oxytocin, and I can go on and on and name 59 different hormones in every sip of milk. That's what milk is -- it's a hormonal delivery system. And you don't want dog hormones or pig hormones. You don't want cow hormones. You don't even, as an adult, want human breast milk hormones.

Mike Adams: That's right -- it's perfect food for infants, but not for adults. I always found it interesting that adult human beings chose to consume a food, a liquid food, from another species.

Robert Cohen: It is kind of interesting, and in the name of good health, at least make them healthy animals. But the 9 million cows in America, for the most part, are not healthy. Half the herds in America have cows affected with bovine leukemia virus, half the herds have cows infected with a disease called Crohn's disease, which is caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium paratuberculosis, which 40 million Americans have been affected with irritable bowel syndrome from this. Every person with Crohn's disease tests positive for mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Every one! One hundred percent! And this was published in 1965 for the Proceedings for the National Academy of Science. So we're talking about real science, here, not things Iím making up. You've got thousands of studies published in scientific journals, thousands of converging lines of evidence that tell us that milk does not do the body any good. We drink body fluids from diseased animals.

Mike Adams: What about hidden sources of milk, because there are a lot of products that have milk or milk proteins -- I know a lot of protein bars, for example are made with milk proteins.

Robert Cohen: Well, sure. You've got to see the word "whey," you say "no way!" You see the word "casein," "sodium caseinate," "calcium caseinate" -- that's the milk powder protein that you don't want in your body. When you take milk and you get rid of the fat and you get rid of the water and you're just left with protein, and basically they're blood proteins, serumalbumin, milk protein, 90% of it is casein. Now, casein, when it's extracted from milk, it's actually a glue used to put a label on a bottle of beer. It's the glue used to hold together the wood in your furniture. When you eat this casein, this glue from milk, and your body is seeing this foreign protein, and you're producing these histamines which end up as mucus. And that's why it is mucus-forming. Again, it's a process that takes 10 to 12 hours.

Mike Adams: So what other types of foods or protein bars or any other kind of product will people find this casein?

Robert Cohen: Well, sometimes you'll find it in tuna fish, believe it or not. Sometimes you'll see it in certain cereals -- it's used as a glue to hold together certain foods. But what's remarkable is you'll look at things in the supermarket, non-dairy creamers, for example, and you see non-dairy creamer written on the front, then you turn it to the back and you look at the small print, and you'll see "sodium caseinate, a milk derivative." I do not know how they get away with calling something non-dairy when it's dairy. But you've got to learn to read the tiny print on labels. If you see the word "casein" in any way, shape, or form, caseinate, that's milk from cows -- don't eat it.

Mike Adams: Food manufacturers, as you know, are pretty creative with their labels. I've seen avocado dip, guacamole, with no avocados in it!

Robert Cohen: You're kidding me! That's amazing!

Mike Adams: Yeah! It's hydrogenated oils and artificial color.

Robert Cohen: That's scary.

Mike Adams: And that's the main stuff you get-- you have to go to a health food store or somewhere special...

Robert Cohen: Well, you see the problem here Mike is that we don't have a very strong guacamole lobby. But we do have a strong dairy lobby, I'll tell you that. Continue with part two.

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