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Originally published November 21 2004

Study reveals why COX-2 inhibitors cause heart attacks and other dangerous side effects

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Every prescription drug is unsafe, the FDA recently admitted. Every drug on the market has unintended side effects, and the fallout from this is that people who start taking one drug show new side effects (symptoms) that must be treated with another drug. This cascade of symptoms continues until the average person is on ten or more prescription drugs, all of which suits the drug companies just fine, since a patient on ten drugs is worth ten times as much profit as a patient taking only one drug.

Today, new research reveals how COX-2 inhibitor drugs (Vioxx, Bextra, etc.) cause dangerous side effects that result in sudden death, heart attacks and strokes. It turns out that the COX-2 enzyme is responsible for creating protective fatty acids in the body. By blocking this enzyme with drugs, patients are left without these protective fatty acids. And that, of course, increases their risk of suffering fatal heart attacks and other cardiovascular events.

Doesn't it seem that these studies should have been done BEFORE the drugs were prescribed to tens of millions of Americans and people around the world? In fact, that wouldn't have helped: Merck was quite aware of the dangers of Vioxx several years ago. But instead of pulling the drug off the market or warning physicians, the company chose to suppress this information and even sought to design new studies to conceal the heart attack risk. That's how Merck looks out for its customers.

It's business as usual in the highly corrupt, criminal-minded pharmaceutical industry, where profits are always the top priority, regardless of how many people are killed in the process.


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