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Originally published November 11 2004

Vitamin E scare study used synthetic, not natural vitamin E

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Headlines are once again ablaze with the shocking news that taking vitamin E will kill you. Once again, the entire study was based on people taking synthetic vitamin E, which has the opposite molecular structure of natural vitamin E (the kind of vitamin E found in nuts, seeds and other foods). Natural vitamin E is well known to prevent heart attacks and enhance cardiovascular disease, and there exists an abudance of clinical evidence to support that notion.

Highlighting the dangers of synthetic vitamins is a favorite scare tactic of the conventional medical community. By scaring consumers away from vitamin E, they can convince people to take high-profit pharmaceuticals instead of more affordable nutritional supplements. And while nutritional supplements like ephedra get banned for being associated with a few dozen overdose deaths, blockbuster prescription drugs like Vioxx, which are suspected of contributing to more than 27,000 heart attacks, remain perfectly legal and FDA-approved.

There's little hope that the trend will reverse, either. Modern medical researchers continue to look at isolated nutrients like vitamin E or lycopene rather than whole foods like nuts or tomatoes. As a result, they don't get an accurate picture of how these whole foods provide a full-spectrum healing effect on the human body that fights chronic disease, including cardiovascular disease.

These sort of studies on isolated synthethic vitamins aren't honest science. In fact, they're distortions that seem to be designed to discredit all nutritional supplements. True health comes from eating whole foods, superfoods and foods with high nutrient density, including foods with plenty of vitamin E. It also comes from taking nutritional supplements in their natural food forms, not as synthetic chemicals.


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