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Originally published November 6 2004

Astaxanthin sources revealed: super antioxidant eases arthritis pain, joint pain, sore muscles and protects against heart disease

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Dear NaturalNews readers:

As a service to you, I have negotiated substantial discounts on astaxanthin supplements from the top two suppliers in the world: Mera Pharmaceuticals and Cyanotech. Use these discounts codes, shown below, to save a bundle when ordering astaxanthin supplements. (They're typically not available in health food stores yet, because the great news about astaxanthin isn't widely known. It's still a bit of a secret in the natural health community.)

What is astaxanthin? I call it "Vitamin X," and it's a supercharged antioxidant derived from microalgae. It's 500 times stronger than Vitamin E and crosses the blood/brain barrier, meaning it offers powerful oxidative protection for the nervous system (eyes, brain, nerve tissues, etc.) I used astaxanthin as part of my strategy for achieving a whopping 89,000 score on the Pharmanex nutrition scanner!

I'm working on an entire report on astaxanthin where I'll go into detail about this miraculous substances. But the short version is as follows:

... and much more. I don't have time to give you all the details here just yet. NOTE: I have no financial relationship with this product or the companies producing it. I don't earn a dime from your purchase here. In fact, feel free to buy it anywhere you like. Just get some. This is an amazing supplement and I strongly recommend it for people who wish to be healthy and free of pain.

The Sources:

Note: The prices below are the same per gram of the active ingredient. Even though one company looks like it's offering a greater discount, these products are the exact same price when you calculate the milligrams of astaxanthin you're actually buying per dollar. Both companies are excellent sources. They both have outstanding customer service, quality control and quality products. I encourage you to check them both out and go with the one you like best.

Mera Pharmaceuticals

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Recommended product: AstaFactor Sports Formula

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Recommended product: BioAstin

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Remember, both companies are offering the same price per milligram of astaxanthin after the discounts. So 50% off at Mera Pharmaceuticals gives you the same effective price as 35% off at Cyanotech. It's just that Mera had a higher price to begin with, before the discounts.

One more thing: Cyanotech is the same company that produces the Hawaiian spirulina I've been recommending for quite some time. And just in case you were wondering, Mera Pharmaceuticals doesn't manufacture prescription drugs. The "pharmaceuticals" part of their name refers to the classic use of the prefix "pharma" which means "from plants." Technically, the word, "pharmaceuticals" means "medicine from plants," but it has become distorted over time and now has a negative connotation among those in the natural health community.

Once you're taking astaxanthin, please email us at NaturalNews and tell us how it's helping you! (Contact emails found at right.)


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