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Originally published August 8 2004

Fluoride conference reveals fraudulent science behind mass fluoridation; fluoride policy is a public fraud

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The First Citizens' Conference on Fluoride was recently held in Canton, New York, and it revealed some astonishing new research about the dangers of fluoride and why the current political position on fluoridation of public water supplies is based on fraudulent science.

The fluoridation of public water is something that has been highly debated for decades -- and yet the practice continues today, despite the growing body of evidence showing that fluoridation causes untold human suffering and disease. Some of the research presented at the conference showed, for example, that fluoridation damages the brain, increases levels of lead in children's blood and therefore leads to behavioral disorders and brain damage. It also showed that humans are accumulating fluoride in their bones, that fluoride's toxicity is systemic in the human body, and that the current safe drinking water standards for fluoride were fraudulently authored by officials at the Environmental Protection Agency who were pressured.

These findings were presented by a variety of scientists and researchers, including a senior EPA scientist and a doctor of the Forsyth Dental Center. Not surprisingly, both of these individuals have been fired and have had their careers jeopardized after participating in this conference.

One of the more interesting bits of evidence presented in the study was an internal memo issued by the EPA professional who wrote the current fluoridation safe drinking water standards. In the memo, the official notes how this new standard would produce "teeth gross enough to gag a maggot." The conference also featured author Christopher Bryson, who wrote the book The Fluoride Deception, who said, "Fluoride science is corporate science, fluoride science is DDT science, it's asbestos science, it's tobacco science."

In other words, fluoride science isn't scientific at all -- it's distorted science made up by bureaucrats and political officials who have some other agenda in mind rather than public health. If you're new to this debate on fluoride, you might find some of this information shocking. But I've been covering fluoride for several years, and have fought hard at both the local and national level to educate people about the dangers of fluoridation.

There are so many things wrong with the mass fluoridation of the U.S. population that it's hard to know where to begin talking about it. First off, there's the idea that fluoride is a so-called "naturally occurring substance in water." That's the lie propagated by dentists and the American Dental Association to try to convince people that simply "adjusting the naturally occurring levels" is somehow a good thing to do.

But all of this is based on a distortion. In reality, the fluoride added to the public water supplies in the United States is not organic fluoride at all. It is in fact fluorosilicic acid, which is purchased in bulk from chemical companies, who must be laughing loudly at the idea that they can actually sell this toxic waste product. Why? Because if cities weren't buying it and putting it into the public water supply, these industrial companies would have to spend millions of dollars disposing of fluorosilicic acid because it is an EPA regulated toxic waste.

Let me put this another way -- fluorosilicic acid is a toxic waste byproduct that is produced in the United States by various chemical companies. It represents such a health hazard to human beings that it is regulated by the EPA, and must be disposed of as a toxic waste. And yet, municipalities throughout the United States actually purchase this product and then drip it into the public water supply, and simultaneously call it "fluoride."

Fluorosilicic acid is not fluoride, it is something very different, and it strikes me as downright bizarre that it is perfectly legal to dump this toxic waste product into the rivers and streams of America as long as it passes through the bodies of human beings first. In other words, it's illegal to take a bucket of fluorosilicic acid and dump it into a stream, but it is perfectly legal to dump it into the bodies of human beings, whose waste products will subsequently enter those same streams and rivers.

All of this is done under the guise of distorted scientific evidence that claims the mass consumption of fluorosilicic acid somehow improves the dental health of Americans. And yet there is no credible evidence that this is the case. All of the evidence cited by the EPA, the American Dental Association, and dentists has been fraudulently concocted, and quite frankly is decades old.

Across America today, you see the effects of mass fluoridation all around you -- you see children with darkened teeth from fluoridosis, you see elderly people breaking their bones because fluoridation of the water supplies contributes to brittle bones. You see children with behavioral disorders that are multiplied by the effects of lead in their bloodstream, and lead uptake is enhanced in the presence of fluoride in public water.

You also see a great number of neurological disorders in the U.S. population. You see problems with migraine headaches, clinical depression, dementia, and Alzheimer's, and there is a very strong link between these diseases and the long-term consumption of fluoride in the public water supply.

Beyond all of this, there's the important question of why dentists and public health officials think the public water supply is an acceptable medium through which to mass medicate the U.S. population in the first place. It is a forced medication that has no consideration for the nutritional choices made by individuals who might be drinking that water. Some individuals might be using fluoridated toothpaste, and thus if they're drinking fluoridated water, they could easily be getting too much fluoride and suffer from fluoridosis.

The public water supply is a bad place to be putting drugs and medications in an effort to alter the chemistry of the U.S. population. I've even heard some doctors who are excited about the supposed benefits of statin drugs say that we should drip statin drugs into the public water supply the way we do fluoride. They say the benefit is so widespread that everybody should be taking these drugs. It would be ludicrous to suppose that we should mass-medicate the entire U.S. public with statin drugs by dripping them into the public water supply, and yet this is exactly what takes place every day right now with fluoride, which is also a bioactive chemical compound that could reasonably be classified as a drug. Using the public water supply to mass medicate people is bad policy. It's also bad science, and it takes away the freedom of choice from the U.S. population. It is Big Brother at its worst.

One of the other things I find so interesting about this debate on fluoride is that dentists and doctors will leap to defend this practice at every opportunity -- and why? Is it because there's good scientific evidence that fluoridination is somehow beneficial to the public? No, it's because they've been told to support it by their associations, such as the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association.

In community meetings, I've seen local dentists jump up and down and scream about how important fluoridation is for public health. These people use their apparent authority to try to convince everyone that they should be mass medicated with this substance. I find this especially bizarre because many of these dentists and doctors promote this as a nutritional prevention strategy -- they're talking about fluoride as being essential nutrition for the human body, and therefore we should put it into the water supply. And yet, if you mention that the most common nutritional deficiencies are in fact magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, and the B vitamins, they will look at you as if you are speaking some kind of alien tongue. Apparently in their minds, there is only one nutritional deficiency that exists in the world, and that is a fluoride deficiency. All other nutritional deficiencies are called quackery, and the idea of dripping zinc into the public water supply would be called absurd by these doctors and dentists. And yet they are more than happy to drip a toxic waste byproduct into the water supply, as long as it is called a nutritional deficiency that needs to be overcome through the forced mass medication of the entire population.

All of this is so bizarre that a reasonable person can only conclude these doctors and dentists are operating on auto-pilot. They are parroting whatever their organizing associations are telling them to say. They've been sucked into the myth that fluoride is automatically good for everyone and that every person in the country should be dosed with this bioactive chemical compound.

And to top it off, they are extremely arrogant about the whole thing. They act like because they are dentists, they are qualified to talk about this one single nutritional deficiency and its effects on the entire human body. In fact, dentists have no qualifications to talk about the effects of fluoride on the human nervous system, the blood supply, behavioral disorders or other physiological effects. Dentists are really only qualified to talk about what's happening with your teeth -- not drugs or chemicals that you ingest and that have a systemic effect.

At the same time, most western doctors aren't qualified to talk about nutrition, either. They've had almost no nutritional training in their medical schools, and simply remain illiterate about the relationships between nutritional deficiencies and chronic disease. So, you essentially have a whole group of experts that know nothing about the subject they are talking about, but yet who grandstand and claim to be the authorities on it and pound the public into the mistaken belief that people should be dosed with this toxic waste product regardless of the scientific facts.

This is essentially a mass experiment now being conducted on the American population, and I think we are seeing some the effects of this in the worsening health statistics in this country. Fluoride is also thought to suppress intelligence and independent will, which may explain some of the reasons why the U.S. population is so easy to control through propaganda and media manipulation. In fact, there is some interesting research going way back about fluoride being used on wartime prisoners as a truth serum in an effort to get them to go along with the capturing nation's propaganda. So, in an almost comic sense, the mass medication of the U.S. population with fluoride could, in a very real sense, be turning our country into a nation of mindless zombies. Of course, that's an exaggeration of what's probably really happening, but no doubt it has some influence.

Now what does all of this mean for you, as consumer? What should you do to protect yourself from fluoride? First off, you should never use products that contain fluoride. That is, don't use toothpaste or mouthwashes that contain fluoride. Also, don't purchase bottled water that has added fluoride in it. I think that's a ridiculous product to have on the shelves.

Don't drink from the public water supply. Of course, if you're drinking tap water right now, you probably need to step back and question your judgment anyway -- tap water contains so many toxic chemicals (such as chlorine) that it represents a risk to human health even without the fluoride. One of the simplest and most important things you can do to protect your health and the health of your family is to get yourself a faucet-mounted water filter such as a Britta filer or a PUR filter that uses carbon-block filtration to remove fluoride, chlorine, and other water contaminants. Better yet, drink water that is filtered through reverse osmosis or is distilled.

Best of all, if you can afford it, drink spring water as your primary source of water. And don't fall for the propaganda that says we should be mass medicating our entire population with a toxic waste product called "fluoride." It's based on bad science, the egos of misinformed medical authorities, and political power grabs that have nothing whatsoever to do with protecting the public health.


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