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Originally published August 7 2004

If Drugs From Canada Are So Dangerous, Where Are All the Dead Canadians?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Amid all of the frantic warnings from the FDA that prescription drugs from Canada are somehow dangerous, a question arises: where are all the dead and injured Canadians? If drugs are somehow more dangerous in Canada, shouldn't the FDA be able to produce endless examples of people who have actually been harmed or killed by these medications? In fact, no such evidence exists. The FDA's Director of Pharmacy Affairs, Tom McGinnis, says, "I can't think of one thing off the top of my head where somebody died or somebody got put in the hospital because of these medications. I just don't know if there's anything like that."

Let's drop the charade here for a moment. The real reason the FDA is using FUD and spreading fear about drugs from Canada is, of course, to protect the financial interests of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. The FDA has long established itself as being a promoter of the financial interests of Big Pharma rather than a regulator of it. And now, even as the FDA is spreading disinformation about the supposed danger of prescription drugs from Canada, it can't document or demonstrate even a single case of a person who has been harmed by such drugs.

Meanwhile, people are harmed, injured and even killed with alarming frequency right here in the United States from errors committed by U.S. pharmacies. In fact, there was a recent settlement from Walgreen's, where the Walgreen's pharmacy had given the wrong drugs to an individual who later died from the prescription. The person's family sued and won a settlement from Walgreen's for that case.

There are many examples in the United States of pharmacies giving patients the wrong prescription drugs at the wrong dose or with incorrect information. It doesn't mean such mistakes can't happen from a pharmacy in Canada, but those risks are the same in Canada as they are in the United States. In fact, a report by the Congressional Research Service says that drugs from Canada are perfectly safe. They insist that quality control guidelines set by the FDA are met or even exceeded by pharmacies from Canada. So the whole argument that drugs from Canada are somehow dangerous is, of course, bogus. It has been invented and marketed to the press in order to scare Americans away from buying prescription drugs at lower prices that would deplete the profits of U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

Make no mistake -- the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry in this country want to have monopoly control over the prescription drug market in this country. They want to force all consumers to buy drugs from sources they control, at sky-high prices that they set, and to limit the free market options of American consumers. In other words, the FDA and Big Pharma both stand in opposition to the free market principles upon which the United States of America was founded. That's why the U.S. drug industry is often referred to as a drug racket, or the drug cartel. Those are accurate descriptions given the behavior and stance of the FDA and U.S. drug companies.

In an even bigger picture way, all of this is a moot point anyway, because even the correct prescription drugs turn out to be extremely harmful to human health. There are no people who have been made healthier by taking multiple prescription drugs for a lifetime. As I've written in another article published on this site, if prescription drugs make people healthy, why can't the pharmaceutical industry produce thousands and thousands of healthy individuals who are multiple prescription drugs? These people simply don't exist, because people who are on multiple prescriptions are in fact suffering from the ravaging side effects of those prescription drugs and their health is declining, not improving. In fact, the healthiest people in this country and around the world are people who avoid prescription drugs and take control of their own health outcome by avoiding prescriptions and relying on physical exercise, outstanding nutrition, and positive lifestyle changes to improve their health.


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