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Originally published August 17 2004

The top ten things you'd be able to do if you didn't live under a system of health oppression masquerading as modern medicine

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Many U.S. citizens mistakenly believe they live in a free society. But when it comes to health, medicine and nutritional supplements, the system under which we live today is more like the Dark Ages than a system of freedom. Want proof? Just ask yourself, "What kinds of health choices should I be able to make if I lived in a free society?"

In a free society, you would be able to do these ten things:

1. Buy prescription drugs on the free market, from any country you wanted, without being labeled a criminal by the FDA
But in the United States, you are considered a criminal for walking across the Canadian border and buying prescription drugs on the open market. You may be searched by "FDA authorities" as you re-enter the United States. The FDA is currently attempting to outlaw the free market when it comes to prescription drugs, forcing Americans to pay as much as 500,000% (not a typo) markups over the cost of drugs' raw ingredients.

2. Visit your doctor and discuss nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and the internet without being looked at like you're some kind of idiot
But in the United States, old-school doctors discredit and ridicule patients who seek to learn more about wellness and alternatives to western medicine. Relying on arrogance and false authority, they shut up their patients, write a prescription for drugs, and send them away.

3. Sell nutritional supplements and tell the truth about how they support human health without being persecuted by the FDA
But in the United States, when you speak the truth about the proven disease-reversing nature of your nutritional supplements, you are relentlessly attacked by the FDA, sued in federal court, and run out of business. Just ask Lane Labs, a firm selling the MGN-3 anti-cancer supplement that actually worked to help patients reverse cancer. Lane Labs, along with many other nutritional supplement manufacturers, has been ruined by the FDA.

4. Advise people about the health benefits of natural sunlight without being vilified by the community of organized medicine
But in the United States, any doctor who says sunlight as actually good for you is instantly labeled a lunatic and fired from his post. Any physician who states that people need sunlight -- without sunscreen -- commits professional suicide.

5. Write recipe books about using stevia, a natural sweetener, without having your books confiscated and destroyed by the FDA
But in the United States, the FDA actually ordered the destruction of stevia recipe books. Book burning is only one of the many ways the FDA has suppressed information about stevia and kept stevia off the market for decades. They have also confiscated shipments of stevia products, threatened stevia manufacturers with legal action, and banned the use of stevia in foods.

6. Freely read and learn about alternative and natural therapies for curing diseases like cancer without the campaign of fear and disinformation propagated by organized medicine
But in the United States, the national media runs scare stories about dangerous websites and the ridiculous possibility of terrorists attacking the U.S. by infiltrating prescription drugs from Canada. It's an ongoing campaign of FUD, spearheaded by the FDA and Big Pharma, with no purpose other than to discredit all forms of medicine they cannot control of profit from.

7. Buy and sell Chinese medicinal herbs that have been used for thousands of years, including ma huang (ephedra), without being labeled a criminal
But in the United States, if you sell ma huang, you can be arrested and prosecuted as a criminal. Meanwhile, the over-the-counter drug Sudafed, which contains the same chemical compounds as ma huang, is perfectly legal for pharmacies to sell, because it generates profits for the pharmaceutical industry. (Sudafed is also used by criminals to manufacture meth street drugs.)

8. Freely buy colloidal silver as a natural, effective antibiotic and antiseptic
But in the United States, the FDA has outlawed manufacturers from selling colloidal silver as an antibacterial or antiseptic agent. Yet colloidal silver is such a powerful antibiotic that there is no known superbug that's resistant to it. Colloidal silver is cheap, readily available, and more effective than antibiotics. And that's why it has been outlawed by the FDA: it competes with highly-profitable antibiotic drugs.

9. Visit any qualified healer you chose (western, Chinese, naturopathic, spiritual, etc.) and qualify for insurance coverage
But in the United States, you are financially forced to visit only practitioners of western medicine who will dole out toxic prescription drugs and demand that you undergo radical surgical procedures that are typically oversold and medically unnecessary. Health insurance companies don't cover the healing therapies that really work. They won't pay for prevention, only for disease. Our national system of health care is actually a disease care system.

10. Freely buy or sell red yeast rice as a natural cholesterol balancer
But in the United States, red yeast rice has been outlawed by the FDA, even though it contains powerful, natural compounds that lower LDL cholesterol levels in the human body. If you sell it as a treatment for high cholesterol, you're considered a criminal. By drug companies can sell you all the statin drugs they want for lowering cholesterol -- at fifty times the price!

All of that (and more) is what you would be able to do if you lived in a free society. But you don't. Today, we live under a fanatical regime of organized medicine, a medical cartel that has outlawed the truth, restricted your access to products and information that can save your life, and forced you to depend on expensive pharmaceuticals that you must purchase at sky-high prices from "approved" sources.

Today, you are living under a system of health oppression. It is a system that sacrifices your health for corporate profits. It trades freedom for power, patient responsibility for doctor domination. It is a system of control that masquerades as freedom.

And every time you visit another western M.D., take another pharmaceutical, or believe another ad that hypes prescription drugs, you support the system and compromise your own freedom.

Stop the insanity. Just say no to prescription drugs. Reform the FDA. End the system of organized crime that's pretending to be a system of health care. As a nation, we deserve better.


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