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Originally published July 26 2004

Low-carb Oreo cookies from Kraft designated "most ridiculous low-carb product" on the market

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Kraft has introduced new Low-Carb Oreo cookies that I have now designated "the most ridiculous low-carb product" yet introduced to U.S. consumers. The idea of having Low-Carb Oreo cookies, however, may be appealing to many consumers who are attempting to follow a low-carb diet without actually choosing healthy foods. A person trying to improve their health and lose body fat has no business eating any cookies at all whether they are low-carb or not, and certainly these processed food cookies from Kraft are not a healthy choice. Sure, they may be lower in refined carbohydrates, but I am willing to bet that these Oreo cookies contain hydrogenated oils just like the high-carb Oreo cookies do, and hydrogenated oils are extremely bad for human health and have been associated with cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, and even impaired brain function.

Make no mistake, Kraft is jumping on a low-carb bandwagon not to help people lose weight but to sell products, and when a low-carb label helps a product move off the shelves, then of course a large food manufacturer is going to pay attention and introduce items that people will buy. By the way, I donít fault Kraft for offering Low-Carb Oreo cookies. They are doing what they do best: providing foods that consumers want and buy. Kraft is a company that is driven by consumer demand and the company will fundamentally produce any food item -- healthy or otherwise -- that consumers will purchase on a regular basis. The very fact that this kind of product exists in the marketplace is due mainly to the rather unhealthy purchasing habits of the general public.

When people who are on a low-carb diet turn to processed foods like Oreo cookies, they are in fact voting with their dollars to support companies like Kraft that are putting out foods that honestly have no business whatsoever in the daily diet of people who are trying to lose weight and achieve optimum health. Of course, refined sugar is so bad for your health that, astoundingly, eating Low-Carb Oreo cookies is healthier for you than eating regular Oreo cookies but neither one falls into the category of healthful foods and neither one should be consumed by a person attempting to watch their weight.

Aside from all this, research is now showing that the popularity of the Atkins diet and low-carb dieting in general may be waning. So many people have tried the Atkins diet and failed to lose weight on it that they have given up and are turning to the next fad such as liposuction or cosmetic surgery.


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