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Originally published July 25 2004

Importation of prescription drugs from Canada rises despite FDA's best efforts to protect Big Pharma's profits in the U.S.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The FDA is losing its battle waged against the pocketbooks of American consumers: people are importing more prescription drugs than ever, and they're getting them from Canada, Mexico and even the U.K. This concerns the FDA, of course, which has gone all out to protect the profits of Big Pharma by attempting to monopolize the U.S. drug market in much the way that the Chicago mob from a hundred years ago tried to control the flow of alcohol.

The FDA's financial war against the American people isn't winning any friends at the states, either, where state budgets for health care demand that states seek cheaper sources of prescription drugs wherever possible. State Governors, in particular, are fed up with the FDA's corruption and they're speaking out against the agency's monopolistic, strongarm tactics by going public with their own information. Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconson puts a link to Canadian pharmacies right on his web site, much to the anger of the FDA, and outright tells people that the FDA's drug racket is a sham. The Governor of Minnesota has long fought the FDA as well. In fact, there are a growing number of Governors and city officials who are now accusing the FDA of conspiracy and violating federal law in order to protect the profits of U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

The FDA is doing everything that a good mob boss should be doing: they're strongarming search engines to prevent online pharmacies from advertising, they're spreading fear and disinformation by claiming that drugs from Canada are somehow more dangerous than drugs from the U.S. (they're exactly the same drugs, with the same side effects), and even going so far as to search vehicles for drugs -- LEGAL drugs -- that return to the U.S. from Canada. Maybe they'll soon train drug-sniffing dogs to locate Viagra and Prozac, too.

Yet despite the best efforts of the FDA, drug imports continue to rise. That's because the American people are not fools: if the same drugs are cheaper across the border, they're going to look across the border. If a state can save a hundred million dollars a year by importing drugs for state employees rather than buying them at the ridiculous sky-high markups found in the U.S., a state is going to look very seriously at importing. The fact is, the FDA's drug racket is starting to buckle at the seams. They've tried using fear, intimidation and censorship to control the U.S. drug market, and it's not working: people are finding out the truth about prescription drug profits and pharmaceutical profits, and they're fed up with it.

Only a fool would pay U.S. prices for prescription drugs, and only a criminal agency like the FDA would try to make it illegal for individuals, cities and states to use the free market to seek better prices on the prescription drugs they believe they need.

The actions of the FDA in this regard are so blatant that I can't believe the nation isn't calling for a criminal investigation of the agency right now. It's time to reform the FDA and fire the politicians there who knowingly compromise public health in order to protect drug industry profits. It's time to put in a Department of Internal Affairs at the FDA that investigates and prosecutes precisely this sort of corruption. Because what we have right now at the FDA is an agency that operates a whole lot like the Russian maffia. Free market be damned: the FDA's here to protect you!


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