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Originally published July 23 2004

Person-to-person transmission of mad cow disease / BSE now documented; alarming discovery suggests widespread human susceptibility

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

It's a frightening realization: not only is BSE -- the human equivalent of mad cow disease -- easily transmitted through blood transfusions, it can also strike patients previously thought to be immune to the disease. These findings reveal that a much wider portion of the world population is potentially susceptible to both BSE and mad cow disease, and with incubation times of ten years, it's virtually impossible to say who has BSE right now.

Another disturbing shocker: persons can carry BSE for years without showing any symptoms whatsoever. They may have no idea they're carrying the disease. And their blood can transmit it to others.

These findings are being described as revealing a "second phase" of BSE where the disease spreads from person to person rather than merely spreading from cattle to humans. Furthermore, there are undoubtedly thousands of people still carrying BSE from consuming red meat and contaminated beef from cows infected with mad cow disease. For decades, governments denied that mad cow disease could spread from cows to humans, but when consumers' brains started to turn to mush after consuming beef, they had to admit they were wrong.

Personally, I believe we are looking at the beginnings of a major mad cow disease crisis that may not surface for years. The U.S. beef industry, in particular, will continue to deny mad cow disease exists in the country. The USDA will aid in the cover-up, putting the health of the general public at risk. One day, all of a sudden, this issue will explode, and the whole country will be asking, "How could this happen here in America?" I'll tell you how: by having a regulatory agency (the USDA) that's far more interested in protecting industry profits and protecting public health.


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