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Originally published July 22 2004

Aspirin therapy proves useless in half of stroke patients

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Stroke patients have long been told to take a daily aspirin to "thin their blood" and help prevent strokes. But new research conducted by Northwestern Memorial Hospital has found that aspirin doesn't work for half the intended patients.

No surprise there: if people want to prevent strokes, what they need is healthier blood without over-the-counter drugs. To do that, they need to avoid all hydrogenated oils in their foods (which causes blood cells to clump together), stop eating fried foods, and remove junk foods from their diets. They need to intake much larger quantities of healthy oils like omega-3 oil, olive oil, cod liver oil and other fish oils. On top of that, they need regular physical exercise to enhance tissue elasticity and resiliance, as well as outstanding nutritional supplementation from whole food sources like spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, fresh vegetables, broccoli sprouts, and so on.

Aspirin is somewhere near the very bottom of the list of things that are effective at preventing strokes. And yet medical researchers focus on this one pharmaceutical as if it were the only thing in existence. When it doesn't work on patients as they hoped, they blame the patients by calling them "aspirin resistant!" Modern medicine never ceases to amaze me with its myopic approach to healing.

That everybody with strokes or heart disease should be taking an aspirin a day is one of the most widespread medical myths in modern society. And it's pure bunk: you don't need an aspirin a day. What you need is outstanding nutrition, avoidance of all processed foods and metabolic disruptors, and regular physical exercise. Aspirin's impact is miniscule compared to these dietary changes and lifestyle enhancements.


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