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Originally published July 21 2004

Medical community concedes that multivitamins are important for health, but only after decades of denying benefit from vitamins

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

It only took 38 years for the American Medical Association, old-school doctors and conservative medical authorities to admit that vitamin supplements are, in fact, necessary for optimum health. That's not bad: four decades is moving pretty fast for these slow-thinkers. Year after year, they were shutting out the hard science proving that vitamin supplements were important for optimum human health. They attacked manufacturers of nutritional supplements, ostracized forward-looking doctors who backed vitamins and minerals, and stuck with their old-school line of "drugs, surgery and chemotherapy!" Open-minded scientific curiosity was nowhere to be found.

Astoundingly, some doctors and defenders of old-school western medicine continue this line of dogma that belongs in the history books, not in modern medical science. One of the most misinformed yet popular family doctors continues to call vitamins "quackery," in fact, blatantly denying decades of undeniable evidence supporting the health benefits of nutritional supplements.

The question today isn't whether vitamins are helpful, it's more along the lines of what form of vitamins work best. And here's the short answer: synthetic vitamins should be avoided. Most cheaper-brand multivitamins are synthethic. Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients should always be sourced from natural plant-based sources. In other words, your multivitamin should be made from whole foods, not from isolated chemicals that are similar to plant-based vitamins. Even if they share the exact same molecular structure, there's a qualitative difference that greatly impacts your health. This is why I've remained such a strong proponent of superfoods like spirulina and broccoli sprouts. You'll get more vitamins and minerals from a daily dose of chlorella and spirulina than from any drug-store multivitamin.

One thing I'm wondering about in all this is: where is the apology to vitamin manufacturers? Western medicine was wrong about vitamins, and now that nutrition is finally starting to take its rightful place in medicine, somebody owes the makers of nutritional supplements a whole-hearted apology. And what's with the FDA continuing its war on nutritional supplements anyway? Hasn't anybody told the agency that vitamins are actually good for you now?

Final word: they say that in medicine, progress only takes place when the older generation of doctors and medical researchers pass away. That's because doctors are typically so egotistical and deeply invested in their distorted beliefs that they are simply unable to accept any new ideas. So they take their misguided beliefs to their graves, and that's the only way medicine actually moves forward.


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