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Originally published July 21 2004

Today's pharmaceutical industry mirrors the hyping and marketing of radioactive products in the early 1900's

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

At the turn of the 20th century, radioactive products were thought to be good for you. Manufacturers made, marketed and sold products like radioactive tablets (designed to give you more energy!), radioactive water storage containers, and even radioactive bottled water. Many of the people behind the marketing and hyping of these products, by the way, were physicians. (A few decades later, physicians were also spokespeople for cigarette companies and touted the "health benefits" of smoking cigarettes...)

Today, of course, we know that drinking radioactive water will give you cancer. It's one of the most dangerous things you can do, aside from sucking down brand-name hot dogs made with sodium nitrite, another cancer-causing ingredient. So, today, we all think it's crazy to take products that actually cause cancer, right?

Think again: today's so-called "modern medicine" borrows much from the hyping and marketing of radioactive products by promoting bad medicine in the form of pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs are marketed today in much the same way that radioactive products were marketed and hyped a hundred years ago. We're told that all these chemicals are good for us! We're promised that there are no negative side effects, or very few. Our doctors insist that they, too, take all these drugs. And so as consumers, we blindly purchase and consume large quantities of antidepressant drugs, statin drugs, drugs for diabetes, drugs for osteoporosis... and the list goes on.

Yet these chemicals actually do far more harm than good. Not one prescription drug actually addresses the underlying problem when it comes to chronic disease. Instead, they simply mask symptoms and thereby lead patients to continue with the lifestyle choices that gave them the disease in the first place. As a result, pharmaceuticals now kill 100,000 Americans each year and injure another two million. And that's from prescription drugs that are used as directed!

Pharmaceuticals are the modern-day equivalent of radioactive products: they're both forms of sophisticated quackery. Today, however, the quackery is more complex, and because so many scientists are involved, it seems credible. Yet drug companies can make any chemical appear useful by manipulating test results or designing clinical trials in a certain way that's guaranteed to produce the results they're looking for. And just in case something goes wrong during the clinical trials, drug companies have two simple solutions: 1) kick people out of the trial who aren't showing a positive response to the drug, and 2) hide any study results that aren't positive, only turning over the "good" trials to the FDA for approval. It's a simple recipe, actually, and the whole process masquarades as "scientific medicine" when, in fact, it's nothing of the kind.

Modern medicine is quackery. Prescription drugs are toxic chemicals that merely mask symptoms. And you're no healthier by taking prescription drugs than you would be by taking radiation pills. In fact, come to think of it, radiation is one of modern medicine's treatments for cancer! And if that doesn't kill you quickly enough, there's chemotherapy, too, which will destroy your immune system in a matter of days or weeks, making you dependent on a lifetime of additional prescription drugs. What a con!

You see, there's truly nothing new under the sun. Today's hype about statin drugs and other prescriptions is just a rehash of the hyping and marketing of radioactive "health" products from a hundred years ago.


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