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Originally published July 21 2004

EPA nails DuPont for violating federal Toxic Substances Control Act over Teflon

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Few people know it, but DuPont has a long history of exposing workers and customers to toxic substances, then denying that such substances harm their health. In the mid 20th century, for example, DuPont was one of the many industrial chemical producers involved in the production of lead products such as leaded gasoline. Lead was thought to be a "miracle" element with great potential for industrial use. But as DuPont workers started losing their minds to lead poisoning, the company denied everything and kept on pushing lead-based products to the market while releasing lead into the environment. (Click here to read a summary of this.)

Now DuPont insist that Teflon is perfectly safe, too, even though the EPA now charges the corporation with being in violation of the federal Toxic Substances Control Act by failing to report the toxicity of Teflon for two decades.

The EPA is now accusing DuPont of causing, "substantial risk of injury to human health or the environment" and looks likely to seek large fines from the company. The chemicals used in Teflon have been linked to birth defects in DuPont employees and are well known to kill household parrots thanks to the offgassing of toxic chemicals during cooking.

But it is possible that such chemicals are only a major risk during manufacturing or when non-stick cookware is heated to extremely high temperatures. Non-stick cookware may, in fact, be relatively safe when used intelligently and kept below 600 degrees. But I wouldn't take DuPont's word for it. And failure to report such dangers to the EPA is clearly a public safety violation.


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