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Originally published July 20 2004

Obesity causes Alzheimers; massive wave of Alzheimer's to strike America in the years ahead

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Future generations will no doubt look back on modern America and wonder how we could eat ourselves and drug ourselves into such a sad state of mental and physical health. But today, the links between lifestyle choices and chronic disease are only beginning to be documented, so much of it is new to most Americans. What's happening right now is that our obesity epidemic is not only causing diabetes, heart disease and clinical depression today, it's also setting up the nation for an epidemic of Alzheimer's a few years down the road.

New research is showing that a person with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high body weight is far more likely (600% more) to lose healthy brain function and be diagnosed with Alzheimer's than people who maintain a healthy body weight, who eat green vegetables, and who engage in regular brain exercises.

But the real story here is that more than half of all middle-aged Americans fit the profile that leads directly to Alzheimer's. In other words, thanks to terrible nutritional habits (like eating junk foods, soft drinks and fried foods) and zombie-like television addictions among middle-aged Americans, we are in the process of producing a nation of citizens with dementia!

By the time the country figures this out, it will be too late: the damage is being done right now, all over the country, by people who avoid healthful activities and just eat or do whatever they feel like doing. Let's face it: you can't eat a lifetime of processed foods, avoid physical exercise, avoid taking nutritional supplements and glue yourself to the television set and then expect to have a healthy brain. It just doesn't work that way.

The pharmaceutical industry is eating this up, no doubt: they can't wait for the wave of Alzheimer's to kick in so that the country can be hooked on anti-Alzheimer's drugs. It's potentially a multi billion dollar "opportunity" for pharmaceuticals. But the real answer to Alzheimer's isn't to take more drugs, it's to stay healthy by engaging in sound nutrition, controlling your body weight and using your brain. And if you do that, you'll be preventing far more than just Alzheimer's: you'll be preventing diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, clinical depression and a hundred other serious diseases.


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