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Originally published July 19 2004

Zinc deficiency during pregnancy causes bone problems in fetus

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A lack of dietary zinc causes significant bone development problems in fetuses, new research shows. Sadly, most women -- pregnant or otherwise -- suffer from widespread nutritional deficiencies that frequently include zinc, meaning that most children are born with a lower level of health than possible. Simple supplementation of zinc and other nutrients, costing just pennies a day, would result in the birth of healthier, stronger babies.

Good health starts in the womb, and yet very few expectant mothers even pursue good health. Fewer still actually achieve it. The result is a nation full of children born with birth defects, low bone density, lower potential for intelligence, allergies, nervous system disorders and even diabetes.

This is one reason why I'm such a strong proponent of providing free nutritional supplements to expectant mothers: every penny invested in the health of an unborn child saves a hundred dollars in long-term health care costs to society. Think about it: zinc is dirt cheap. But treating osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes or heart disease can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. When these chronic diseases can be prevented for an investment of just pennies a day, it's madness to not make those investments.


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