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Originally published July 17 2004

Endometriosis caused by eating red meat and avoiding fresh vegetables, says research; infertility may result

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

According to new research, consuming red meat such as beef or ham increases your risk of endometriosis by 80 to 100 percent. Endometriosis is a painful health condition experienced by women, and it is sadly becoming more common. It typically strikes women in their 20's and 30's, and the more they consume red meat, the greater their chances of being diagnosed with endometriosis.

Having this disease can also cause infertility, painful menstruation, severe cramping and may even be linked to various forms of cancer. Doctors are seeing alarming increases in endometriosis, especially in Asia where it seems to strike women at a younger age.

The solution to endometriosis is the same as for virtually all other chronic diseases: avoid red meat and other unhealthy foods, and eat fresh fruits, vegetables, superfoods and other items that promote good health.. It isn't difficult to avoid chronic disease: all you have to do is stop eating the foods that cause it.

There's another possible link here, too: in the study, the consumption of ham was strongly linked to endometriosis. This could be partially caused by sodium nitrite, a highly toxic food additive added to virtually all ham products. (It's listed right on the label.) Sodium nitrite forms cancer-causing nitrosamines when ingested, and although this is just an educated guess, it's not unreasonable to think that these nitrosamines may radically interfere with the normal, healthy function of reproductive organs.

The message to women is clear: if you want to be able to reproduce, if you want to experience less pain, and if you want to remain disease-free for life, it's time to seriously think about taking red meat out of your diet. No beef, no ham, no pepperoni pizza. There's absolutely nothing positive about red meat from a nutritional standpoint other than its protein content. But even that isn't saying much: ounce for ounce, spirulina contains twelve times more usable protein than beef. (Spirulina is a superfood harvested from ocean waters.)

Let me add this comment: I wouldn't touch red meat if you paid me. Not only is red meat completely lacking in fiber, it may also contain the prions that cause mad cow disease, and that's fatal. Mad cow disease doesn't go away from cooking the meat, either. Protect your health, folks. Just say no to red meat.


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