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Originally published July 13 2004

Medical researchers use infrared LEDs to heal cancer

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

All the prescription drugs in the world can't compete with the healing power of light. Now, medical researchers are using simple infrared LED light to heal cancer patients. It's a powerful example of the healing potential of phototherapy, and it demonstrates one of the reasons why I'm so excited about vibrational medicine. Light has the power to heal us: to heal our diseases, our flesh wounds and our minds.

But here's the dirty little secret about phototherapy that all these LED light manufacturers don't want you to know: you can get all the infrared light you want, absolutely free, from the sun. That's right: the sun emits the exact same wavelengths that are now being shown to cure cancer, cure depression, prevent osteoporosis, cure prostate cancer and even alter brain chemistry in a positive way. And you don't need a battery-operated device to get these benefits from phototherapy -- all you need to do is take off all your clothes (or as many as you dare) and walk outside. Get some sun, folks!

It's always interesting to me how these devices can be "approved" as medical devices with proven healing benefits, but when a guy like me mentions that the sun has the same healing powers, he's laughed at. For some reason, our western medical mindset has everyone believing that only cool-looking gadgets have healing powers. If there isn't cool technology inside, it must not be any good. But that's bunk. Healing is simple. The sun heals. Plants heal. Heck, even everyday weeds contain powerful phytonutrients.

It's still nice to see medical researchers exploring the healing potential of infrared light. And I do recommend these devices for people who, for some reason, can't get sunlight (I think they live in caves...). But for most folks, the only thing you need to do is strip down and sunbathe. Get some natural sunlight on your skin, and you'll heal twice as fast as everyone else! No batteries required.


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