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Originally published July 13 2004

Drug researchers bastardize nature by using Frankenstein plants to grow pharmaceuticals for profit

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Leave it to western medical researchers to come up with something this freakish: they've figure out a way to genetically modify plants to force them to create chemicals that can be used against rabies, AIDS and, eventually, other diseases. If you're steeped in the world of science and western medicine, all that sounds like a great idea. But here's the kicker: nature already grows all the healing phytonutrients a human being needs, without needing to undergo genetic modifications.

Nature already has the answers, folks. The plants, weeds and herbs growing in your region right now are powerful agents of healing. All we need to do is stop suppressing the information about the medicinal properties of these plants and start respecting nature's wisdom rather than exploiting it for profit.

There's also the inherent danger of genetically modifying entire crops and exposing them to the open air. The risk of cross-pollination with other plants leading to out-of-control destruction of native plant species is very real, and yet it remains routinely ignored by those involved with these sorts of projects.

Now, in a larger sense, I'm not opposed to the genetic manipulation of plants or humans by an advanced civilization seeking truth and knowledge, but our current civilization is nowhere near advanced enough to handle genetic modifications to living organisms. We don't have the ethics, the personal responsibility, nor the spiritual foundation that should be a prerequisite for these sort of "playing God" experiments. As a civilization, we are childish, exploitive and egoistic. We have not yet earned the right to mess with nature at this level. And I suspect there will be a tremendous price levied upon us someday for this meddling.


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