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Originally published July 8 2004

Starbucks serves up fattening, high-calorie drinks called coffee

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Did you know that a vanilla bean frappuccino with whipped cream delivers over 500 calories to your body? It's astonishing: many of the coffee drinks served at Starbucks and other coffee joints are little more than coffee-flavored sugar and fat potions that will cause you to rapidly gain weight. They're candy. Nutritionally speaking, they're not that different from ice cream.

Now, I know this will offend many readers of this site, since many of you are coffee drinkers. But I've nothing against Starbucks. You can order straight coffee without all the cream and sugar, if you want, and have yourself a drink that won't pack on the pounds. But that's not the way most people order their coffee. They want it sweetened up, fattened up, and whipped up to create the most extreme taste experience possible. In this way, their daily cup of coffee is actually a significant cause of obesity.

Just to remind everyone: that's not really coffee. That's just dessert in a cup. And the combination of caffeine, refined white sugar, and liquid cream is one of the quickest ways to give yourself a lifelong case of diabetes or, at the least, hypoglycemia. But don't blame Starbucks. I like the way their little coffee shops make the bookstores smell delicious (even though I'd never touch a cup of coffee myself...)


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