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Originally published July 6 2004

New revelations about health benefits of sunlight frustrate organized medicine

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The old school doctors are going crazy over a new report suggesting that people need to be getting more sunlight, not less, in order to prevent chronic disease. This advice, no matter how much sense it makes, doesn't fit the old belief systems of old school doctors: they've been brainwashed into thinking that people should flee from the sun at every opportunity. Sunlight is a killer, they believe.

In reality, sunlight is a bringer of life. Technically, sunlight brings ALL life to our planet. The idea of fleeing the sun is perhaps the epitome of medical stupidity, and yet it's widely accepted by most physicians.

I think doctors hate this new information about getting more sunlight mostly because it offers patients a freely-available treatment for curing chronic disease that's far more effective than any prescription drug, any surgical procedure, or any medical procedure. Basically, it takes doctors out of the loop, and that doesn't fly well with doctors. You don't need a prescription to get sunshine, and organized medicine hates anything that's free (and works!).

Of course, of drug companies could figure out a way to charge people for a dose of sunlight, they'd be hyping up the benefits left and right. Sunlight would be the new "breakthrough medicine," and doctors would recommend that everybody get on it. You see, in the world of organized medicine, profit potential determines the "scientific validity" of all treatments.


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