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Originally published July 1 2004

Prices of prescription drugs outpace inflation by fifty percent

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Little wonder here: prescription drug prices spiked up shortly after passage of the Medicare drug benefit law. The law was widely regarded as a guaranteed handout to drug companies, and now the pharmaceutical industry is making the most of the handout by spiking prices as quickly as they can.

This isn't about serving the public, folks. This isn't about raising funds to cure cancer or diabetes. This is about raking the public over the coals, pure and simple. It's about profiteering with the help of the Bush Administration and Congress. It's about soaking the poor to enrich the drug companies. And it's the #1 reason why the FDA and drug companies want to ban imports of drugs from Canada -- because the exact same drugs can be purchased at a fraction of the price in Canada. How's that for serving the interests of the U.S. public?


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