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Originally published July 3 2004

Kellogg's ships mercury batteries inside boxes of childrens' breakfast cereal

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

What could have prompted Kellogg's to take one of the most toxic heavy metals known to mankind and intentionally place it inside boxes of childrens' breakfast cereal? Insanity, perhaps. Or, more accurately, utter disregard for the health of their customers.

Even worse, Kellogg's has refused to pull the boxes from store shelves in Maine. Why? Because there's no law against it in Maine!

I suppose Kellogg's has to put something in the box to justify a $4 price tag for a bag containing twenty cents' worth of ingredients. The batteries alone are more expensive than the cereal. The problem is that they're also an environmental hazard. Do we really need more mercury floating around the country and potentially contaminating the cereal eaten by our children? Is this madness, or what? Kellogg's CEOs probably think it's brilliant marketing...


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