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Originally published June 22 2004

AHA, ADA and ACS launch new great-sounding health initiative that avoids the truth

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Three of the most influential health organizations -- the AHA, ADA and ACS -- have launched a new four-step health initiative that makes for great headlines but lacks any real substance. The first step of the new initiative, for example, tells people to "Eat a healthy diet..." but doesn't tell people what that means. In order to appease food manufacturers, the soft drink industry, and junk food makers (many of which actually help fund these health organizations), the big three have left out the most important information consumers really need to know in order to protect their health. Namely, that there are a handful of food ingredients called metabolic disruptors that are responsible for the majority of chronic disease in western societies.

These ingredients include white flour (promotes obesity and diabetes), high-fructose corn syrup (also promotes obesity and diabetes), hydrogenated oils (promotes heart disease), sodium nitrite (causes leukemia and brain tumors), MSG (causes obesity and nervous system disorders) and aspartame (causes blidness, brain disorders and nerve damage), among other ingredients.

In other words, the advice sounds great on paper, and of course it advises everyone to go see their doctor, where prescription drugs can be readily prescribed to mask the symptoms of disease actually caused by toxic food ingredients. That's no surprise, either: the AHA, ADA and ACS are partially funded by pharmaceutical companies!

So under the guise of offering health advice to the American public, these three organizations are, in reality, witholding critical information from the public while herding people into doctors' offices where they will be pumped full of prescription drugs that, in turn, generate enormous profits for the very same companies that turn around and donate money to these three organizations. Quite a racket, huh?

In fact, it is a racket, and while points #2 and #3 in the advice are worthwhile -- be physically active and don't smoke -- there's nothing in this advice that actually tells the truth about what causes disease or what people can do to prevent it. In fact, this advice primarily serves to make sure people remain confused and keep on spending billions of dollars on high-priced pharmaceuticals.

Telling the truth is simple: it's told right here on this website every day. But the big disease organizations, remember, would go bankrupt if their pet diseases were actually eliminated by people eating healthy for a change. Imagine: a world without diabetes, heart disease and cancer is just right around the corner if people start choosing healthy foods tomorrow. And that would spell the end of the AHA, ADA and ACS. You can bet that's the very last thing these power-hungry organizations want to happen. Without the diseases, they're history.

That's why I believe each of these three organizations will continue to offer silly advice that never leads to actual cures or the prevention of chronic disease. To do so would end their reign of power and leave their employees and directors jobless and humbled.


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