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Originally published June 22 2004

Mesotherapy promises to alternative approach to shedding body fat

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Mesotherapy is emerging as a new alternative treatment for shedding excess body fat. What is it? A mesotherapist injects vitamins or a homeopathic solution into the mesoderm (the layer of tissues underneath your skin). According to mesotherapy practitioners, this can treat a variety of disorders, including chronic pain, headaches, excess body fat and many others.

What's my take on it? I'm skeptical of any therapy that promises to eliminate body fat without requiring lifestyle changes on the part of the patient. If people think they can keep on eating the standard American diet -- full of processed foods, soft drinks and refined carbohydrates -- and magically remove their body fat with a few injections, they are sadly mistaken. If you don't change your dietary habits, your body will just put the fat right back on in a matter of weeks.

Mesotherapy may very well work, but that doesn't mean it's effective for permanent weight loss. There are no shortcuts to health. Being healthy takes hard work, outstanding nutrition and a wholesale abandonment of the western diet.


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