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Originally published May 25 2004

Ritalin stunts growth of children, says study

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

New research published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that children who take Ritalin for ADHD have their growth stunted by the drug. With over a million children already being dosed with this powerful narcotic, it seems bewildering that we're only now finding out about major side effects like this one. Clearly, if a child's growth is stunted by the drug, it is causing an imbalance in the endocrine system, affecting hormone regulation. I wouldn't be surprised to find out, decades later, that our "Ritalin generation" of children have widespread reproductive disorders as well.

It's all a shame, since ADHD is a fictitious disease that was invented in order to sell prescription drugs. There is actually no such disease -- the ADHD symptoms are primarily caused by children's diets: soft drinks, refined white flour, loads of refined white sugar, and plenty of fried foods and processed foods to boot. Take a child off these manufactured substances and start feeding them real food and the "disease" of ADHD vanishes in a matter of weeks. This has all been succinctly demonstrated through a clinical study that found dietary changes completely eliminate the so-called disease.


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