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Originally published May 25 2004

Everyday herbs prove to be convenient healers; garlic proves itself against cancer and cholesterol

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Even familiar herbs offer potent healing abilities: garlic, parsley, sage, ginger, basil and rosemary all offer positive healing effects without the dangerous negative side effects often associated with prescription drugs. And yet the healing potential of these herbs goes way beyond the simple uses mentioned here. Garlic is useful for far more than lowering cholesterol; it's also a potent anti-cancer therapy. Taken internally (by eating garlic cloves or drinking garlic juice, preferrably raw), garlic has been shown to shrink tumors in the breast, stomach and colon. Used externally as a paste applied to surface tumors, garlic simply destroys them, causing many to fall off in a matter of days or weeks.

Garlic and ginger are named two of the most potent anti-cancer foods in the book Eat To Beat Cancer, a highly recommended read for those who want to prevent or reverse cancer. In fact, they are far more effective and safe than any prescription drug. For a real cure, toss in some apricot kernels (which have been banned by the FDA because they're more effective than chemotherapy), some graviola tincture (suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry), nutritional supplements containing cat's claw, and some burdock root (be careful, avoid high doses of this) and you have a potent, all-natural cure for cancer that the pharmaceutical industry absolutely does not want you to know about.

Why? Because if people used these natural remedies to cure their cancers, sales of prescription drugs and chemotherapy agents would plummet. Organized medicine depends on cancer patients for their jobs and profits. If people get well on their own, the cancer industry would be devastated. (Read Questioning Chemotherapy by Ralph Moss to get the real story.) To make sure that never happens, the industry attacks anything outside of their control, which is why you'll continue to see the very herbs mentioned here subjected to a massive propaganda campaign designed to discredit their medicinal qualities.

Yet secretly, behind closed doors, it is precisely these plants and herbs that pharmaceutical company chemists are studying in order to derive their next "miracle" anti-cancer drug. So while the industry blasts the use of garlic as an anti-cancer herb, they'll someday release a prescription drug that tries to mimic garlic's actions, but they'll charge patients $100 a pill. Garlic, in comparison, is a few dollars a pound. Go figure.

See, this is where health care costs come into play: the way to control our spiraling health care costs isn't to negotiate with drug companies or "create competition" among drug suppliers. The solution is to ditch drugs and turn to natural substances that are available at a fraction of the price. Want to save the nation a billion dollars a year on prescription drugs? Ditch statins and start prescribing red yeast rice and garlic supplements, both of which effectively and demonstrably lower bad cholesterol and dramatically reduce the risk of heart attacks -- much better than statins, without the side effects and without the cost.

That's the real solution to our so-called health care crisis: turn to nature. Nature has ALL the answers we really need to health. Drug companies, the FDA, and most modern doctors have no answers whatsoever, only bills.


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