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Originally published May 24 2004

Doping up our children: antidepressant drug prescriptions for kids are skyrocketing while nutritional cures remain ignored

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

As a nation, we're doping up our kids on an ever-increasing array of dangerous prescription drugs. With millions of children already taking a powerful narcotic (Ritalin), now millions more are being dose with expensive drugs that alter brain chemistry and have been clearly shown to cause children to engage in violent acts and commit suicide.

You can thank the marketing and hype of the pharmaceutical industry for that, of course. Aided by the political influence of the FDA, drug companies are attempting to hook as many people on as many "lifetime" prescription drugs as possible. They've already demanded that 40 million Americans start taking statins immediately, and most doctors (who show a remarkable ability to stand upright, given that they have no spines) are more than willing to go along and crank out the prescriptions.

Use of prescription antidepressants has skyrocketed in our youth: a nine percent annual growth rate seems to be the current trend. But are all these kids really depressed? Hardly: they're simply malnourished. By consuming massive quantities of soft drinks, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods and added sugars, our children and teenagers are altering the natural balance of chemicals in their bodies brains. Rather than prescribing good nutrition and exercise habits, doctors prescribe yet more chemicals that only mask the symptoms. What these kids need is real food, not expensive prescription drugs that cause them to commit suicide. (They also need natural sunlight, it turns out. Vitamin D deficiency is rampant in the U.S. population, and most people remain irrationally afraid of the very thing they need to achieve mental balance: natural sunlight.)

Truly, our modern medical system is mad. Instead of helping people get healthy, we pump them full of toxic chemicals and charge them thousands of dollars in drug fees. Instead of teaching doctors about nutrition and the causes of health, our medical schools teach them about prescription drugs, surgery and other radical procedures. And instead of having a federal agency looking out for the public health, we have the FDA that clearly does little more than protect the interests of drug companies. It's a system gone mad.

There's not a single person alive today who needs a lifetime of antidepressant drugs. But don't tell the drug companies. The more diseases they can project onto the entire population -- and the more doctors they can convince to operate like prescription writing factories -- the higher their profits. It's common sense: drug companies only make money when people take their drugs... and keep on taking them for a lifetime. But in this case, it's pure fraud. The prescription drug industry is nothing short of criminal, and most doctors are unwitting accomplices in a national scam that is threatening the mental stability of an entire generation. We don't need drugs, folks, we need nutrition, physical exercise and natural sunlight.


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