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Originally published May 20 2004

Hair loss and prostate cancer are both prevented by miracle molecule found in soy milk, says new research

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A study published in the journal Biology of Reproduction reveals that both prostate cancer and hair loss in men can be prevented by consuming soy products. The reason? The consumption of soy products results in the creation of a unique molecule in the intestines called equol. This equol blocks the function of DHT -- a hormone responsible for stimulating prostate cancer and causing male pattern baldness.

This is a very big deal that blows away efforts to develop pharmaceuticals that would accomplish the same thing. To quote directly from the article: "This molecule is remarkable," says Kenneth Setchell, PhD, director of Clinical Mass Spectrometry at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. "These findings are of immense clinical importance because blocking the action of the potent androgen (male hormone) DHT has been one of the holy grails of the pharmaceutical industry as a strategy for treating prostate cancer and other related diseases. This natural metabolite made from soy isoflavones, which are found in high amounts in soybeans, does this very effectively."

In other words, soy milk beats the pharmaceutical companies yet again by providing the "holy grail" molecule the drug companies have been searching for. But you don't have to pop pills to get it: all you have to do is join millions of Americans and start drinking soy milk on a daily basis. I've been drinking soy milk for years, and today, I wouldn't think of touching cow's milk. Cow's milk has all sorts of nutritional problems and promotes chronic sinus infections, asthma, constipation and many other disorders. It's also contaminated with pus and blood thanks to the milking process. Worse yet, most cow's milk contains homogenized fat which is terrible for your cardiovascular health. Overall, cow's milk is great nutrition for baby cows, but a terrible food choice for adult members of an entirely different species (humans).

Soy milk, on the other hand, is a nutritional goldmine. It has none of the drawbacks of cow's milk while offering substantial health benefits related to soy consumption. This latest research about soy's ability to prevent prostate cancer and stop hair loss in men is just one of the many benefits of soy.

I've found that many people have difficulty switching to soy, however, so here's some good advice on how to accomplish it. I'll assume your trying to transition from cow's milk to soy milk. First, realize that your taste will change in response to your dietary choices. If you make this transition and avoid drinking cow's milk for a year or more, you will find that cow's milk tastes absolutely terrible. Similarly, even though soy milk might taste "strange" to you right now, it will taste absolutely delicious after the transition. It's all a matter of getting used to the taste. Here's how to do it:

Start mixing the milk you drink as a 75% cow's milk / 25% soy milk mixture. Do that for 1-2 months, then move to 50% / 50%. After a couple months of that, go to 25% cow's milk and 75% soy milk, and then finally 100% soy milk. After you're used to soy milk, start switching to unsweetened soy milk using the same transition technique. Use stevia to sweeten it, since that won't add calories or refined sugars. In fact, the only major problem with soy milk is that most of the store-bought products are loaded with refined sugars. But you can avoid those by purchasing the increasingly popular "unsweetened" varieties of soy milk, available at most health food stores.

The important thing is that if you're a man, you need to stop thinking about soy milk as a "sissy drink" (a description I've heard from many men) and start realizing that having more hair on your head and being free of prostate cancer is hardly sissy. Let the "macho" guys drink their cow's milk until their hair falls out. You, on the other hand, can prevent both hair loss and prostate cancer by drinking something that's actually good for you!

My recommended soy milk product: unsweetened soy milk from Trader Joe's. It's the best product I've found yet.


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