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Originally published May 19 2004

Green tea shown to kill cancer cells; pharmaceutical industry can't wait to exploit findings

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have found that phytochemicals in green tea kill cancer cells. Green tea was chosen because it has long been observed that populations around the world that consume green tea experience far lower rates of cancer. Green tea also has no negative side effects, unlike chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other radical approaches to cancer.

Now for the real story: this research is great to see, but it was conducted with a very "Western" approach by trying to isolate and identify the specific chemical compounds responsible for the anti-cancer effect. No doubt, pharmaceutical companies will take this information and attempt to synthesize and patent a similar chemical compound, then hype it to the public with news headlines that never mention green tea.

In reality, you can get the full anti-cancer effects by just drinking green tea, and that's information the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know. In fact, all the medicine you'll ever need is found in abundance in plants, and usually at a fraction of the cost of prescription drugs.

The bottom line: it's nice to see this research being done, but Western medicine won't honor green tea and use it medicinally; they'll exploit it to create a new profit generator for drug companies.


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