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Originally published May 18 2004

Study: physical exercise prevents cancer (but only if you actually do it)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A new study reveals that physical exercises is more than just good for your heart and body weight: it also prevents endometrial cancer and breast cancer according to a study involving 850 women. The more the study subjects exercised, the less their odds of being diagnosed with cancer, even if they were considered "at risk" for the disease.

This study confirms what many health-minded professionals have known all along: physical exercise is a proven strategy for remaining free of chronic disease. It helps with more than just cancer, too, of course: diabetes can frequently be prevented through physical exercise alone. With exercise, high cholesterol disappears, heart health improves dramatically, joint flexibility is greatly enhanced, and people lose excess body fat.

The fact that exercise is now being shown to prevent cancer is important for one more reason: it proves that cancer is systemic, not local. In other words, cancer is a whole-body failure, not just a specific tumor or lesion that can be surgically removed or targeted with radiation. Because cancer is a systemic failure, it must be treated holistically (literally!) -- that is, the whole person must be considered: their physical health, immune system function, mental health, spiritual health, and of course their day to day activities such as eating and exercising. Only through a whole-person approach can any healer (accredited or otherwise) offer real hope for reversing cancer.

Now here's some good news: when cancer is treated holistically and the patient gets involved by radically altering their dietary and exercise habits, most cancers can be reversed without drugs or surgery. In the real world, however, very few patients actually make the changes needed to achieve good health. I know many people who have suffered from cancer, and those who die from the disease are consistently the people who refuse to change their diet or engage in regular exercise. Those who quickly recover from the disease are those who pull out all the stops and make the "big changes" like giving up all soft drinks for life, eating no processed foods, and engaging in physical fitness training for 2-3 hours per day.

Of course, there are the anti-cancer herbs, too, such as graviola, burdock root and licorice root, but if the patient isn't willing to change from the inside, herbs alone may not be enough. The cure for cancer is inside each and every person alive today, and it's available to everyone with enough determination to give their body a fighting chance to heal itself.


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