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Originally published May 10 2004

Cancer industry promotes misleading warning on supplements in order to protect cancer treatment profits

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

The Fox Chase Cancer Center has released a new warning about anti-cancer nutritional supplements that, if followed, would generate substantial new business for the organization. The study and subsequent press release seem to express shock that so many men are taking medicinal herbs like yohimbe as well as vitamins and minerals when such therapies are "unproven," says the center. In fact, nutritional and herbal therapies are quite well documented in regards to prostate health, and there are quite a number of nutritional supplements and superfoods like chlorella and spirulina with powerful anti-cancer effects. Chlorella, for example, has been shown to destroy breast cancer tumors as well as quadruple the life expectancy of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center apparently doesn't want you to know that, though. They're just repeating the same old lies told by all the major players in organized medicine: herbs are dangerous, vitamins are bad for you, supplements can interfere with their prescription drugs, and so on.

In reality, the only danger posed by anti-cancer nutritional supplements is the very real risk of reducing the profits of cancer treatment centers who stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue if people find out how to reverse cancer on their own. The cancer industry is big business, and anything that threatens that business gets immediately discredited. Read "Questioning Chemotherapy" by Ralph Moss, a former NIH reseacher, if you want the real story on how the cancer industry actually works to keep people diseased in order to generate profits!

If the whole world found out about the anti-cancer properties of raw broccoli juice, raw garlic, raw onions, medicinal mushrooms, chlorella supplements, wheat grass, spirulina, and graviola (a rainforest herb), then the cancer treatment centers in this country would simply go out of business. Because what you've just read is, indeed, the "cure" for most cancers, especially when combined with regular physical exercise and daily breathing exercises.

By the way, the very fact that this information is available for you to read infuriates most professionals in the medical industry. They can't stand it when people like me just freely reveal nature's answers to chronic disease. It makes them look like the greedy, egotistical nitwits they really are, and of course it hurts their profits. That's why one of the first things you'll hear when you go to a cancer treatment center is, "Now, don't go reading anything on the Internet..." Make no mistake: they'll be trying to get this information banned as quickly as possible. The last thing they want is people realizing what a sham the cancer industry really is.


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