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Originally published May 10 2004

Online pharmacy links under fire; monopolistic FDA orders search engines to stop linking to sites it doesn't like

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

If you're a mob boss, one of your primary responsibilities is to shut off consumer access to alternate suppliers of your booze, or drugs, or whatever you're selling. The FDA, which operates like a mob boss for the pharmaceutical industry, is continuing to do exactly that. Their latest move? Ordering search engines like Yahoo and Google to stop linking to online pharmacy websites that sell prescriptions to patients.

It's a gross violation of Free Speech, of course, and it's indicative of the Big Brother oppression and censorship routinely practiced by the FDA. They want to make sure that people can't even read online pharmacy websites. That way, people will be forced to buy drugs in the U.S. at sky-high prices that are controlled by the monopolistic pharmaceutical industry. So the FDA is using political pressure to censor access to public information and boost profits for drug companies. Those who know how the FDA operates are not at all surprised by this action.

As of this writing, Google has so far resisted the strongarm tactics of the FDA. You can still search for "online pharmacy" and see lots of links to results. That's because Google likes to protect Free Speech, and they aren't so easily shoved around by overzealous federal agencies operating more like industry propaganda machines than industy regulators. Hopefully, Google will challenge the FDA's request in court and Free Speech will override the highly corrupt -- even criminal -- intent of the FDA.


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