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Originally published May 9 2004

HGH supplements don't compare with the natural Growth Hormone created during strength training

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

MSNBC is taking a closer look at Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with a roundup of research on the substance. Their bottom line? HGH is somewhat effective in enhancing lean body mass and reducing body fat, especially in men, but the best bet is to stick with diet and physical exercise.

The real story? For once, I agree with the information found in the mainstream press. HGH is a phenomenal substance for longevity and health, but only if you create it yourself. I don't believe in taking Human Growth Hormone shots. They're extremely expensive, for one thing, and they simply don't compare with the results achieved by a good strength training program.

I engage in strength training activities on a regular basis, and in my experience, there's simply no better way to get HGH coursing through your veins than to leg press half a ton (which I exactly what I leg press right now in a partial-range rep, by the way). Yes, you can't walk the next day, but you've just generated perhaps $3,000 worth of HGH the natural way, and no needles were required. Add some outstanding nutrition -- with whey protein, quinoa and spirulina -- and you've turned your own body into a Growth Hormone generation machine.

HGH supplements are only for people who want a shortcut. If you're one of those people, hey, I don't blame ya. Try all the shortcuts first. Then, after you've spent a small fortune and still haven't achieved the results you were looking for, you'll have to do it the hard way -- the way the real athletes do it. And that's accomplished by avoiding all processed carbohydrates and refined sugars, eating superfood supplements like spirulina and chlorella, drinking nothing but pure water, and engaging in at least two hours of physical training every single day. For me, it's around one hour with cardiovascular exercise, and another 90 minutes or so with flexibility training and lifting weights.

Yes, it's the hard way. But it's the only way that makes you healthy. Still, if you're skeptical, go ahead and try the HGH supplements first. If you stay away from the needles and just take pro-HGH pills, they won't hurt you (they're mostly just amino acids), and in fact, they may help you in other ways. Just don't expect a whole lot of HGH from a pill. You've got to create it yourself... the hard way!


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