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Originally published May 7 2004

Combination of diet and physical exercise required for healthy knee joints; neither one works alone

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A new study published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism reveals that the combination of weight loss through diet and physical fitness through exercise helps the most for people suffering from knee arthritis. Neither diet nor exercise worked very well without the other, the study found. Knee arthritis, by the way, isn't something that just appears out of nowhere: it's a natural effect of carrying far too much body weight and avoiding exercise. By far the vast majority of knee joint replacement surgeries performed in the US, for example, are performed on those who are clinically obese.

This study is helpful because it reminds us that you can't just diet your way to good health. You have to combine physical exercise with good nutrition in order to keep your joints healthy. This also speaks to the effectiveness of all the body movement arts such as yoga, pilates, Tai Chi and martial arts (not to mention the more vigorous forms such as swimming, gymnastics, jogging and so on). You really have to use your joints and move your body if you want it to stay healthy. There's no substitute.

I also think there's far too much knee and hip replacement surgery going on today. These people need to be taught to take care of their own bodies through exercise and diet, not to rely on radical surgical procedures to give them knew joints after they abuse their God-given ones. Joint deterioration is universally preventable. Joints don't just "wear out," either: they deteriorate from lack of exercise and flexibility training. And these are things that patients can control.


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