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Originally published January 30 2004

Dietary habits of expectant mothers determines longevity of children

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

New research reveals the strong impact of a mother's nutrition on the subsequent lifespan of the child. Although it was conducted on mice, it's good research that seeks to find answers to some very important questions. Just how important is a mother's nutrition anyway?

From where I'm sitting, it's crucial. If pregnant mothers would kick their high-carbohydrate refined foods diets and start eating more quality protein and nutritional supplements, their babies would be far healthier, and we'd all save billions of dollars in health care costs down the road. Too many mothers have bad diets to begin with (the Standard American Diet), and they continue with the same eating patterns when they carry their babies.

Expectant mothers need some basic education about nutrition and the health of their children. We've told these women to stop smoking and avoid alcohol, but we need to go much further and tell them what they should be seeking out in terms of nutrition. There's no time that's more critical to the health outcome of the unborn child, and pregnant mothers should absolutely avoid eating all metabolic disruptors like sodium nitrite, refined white flour, refined sugar and hydrogenated oils. Instead, they should be eating healthy oils like flax oil and avocados. They should intake high-quality proteins from eggs and organic meats. And they should supplement their diets with superfoods like chlorella and The Ultimate Meal.

These dietary strategies create healthy mothers and healthy babies.


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