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Originally published January 22 2004

Drug companies have strong presence, influence at medical schools

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Under the guide of "education," drug companies have a dominating presence at medical schools, where they indoctrinate future M.D.s with propaganda about the "benefits" of prescription drugs. The doctors, for their part, claim they are not influenced at all, and yet several studies reveal that their prescription habits are sharply altered nonetheless. Doctors, it seems, aren't very good at knowing when they're being influenced.

This interaction between drug companies and medical schools is just one of the many ways in which the medical racket rolls forward. Doctors aren't learning much about nutrition, the importance of healthy breathing, or how to beat cancer with everyday groceries, but they're sure learning a lot about the latest (and most expensive) prescription drugs. Drug companies spend billions to "educate" doctors about what drugs they should be prescribing -- with free dinners, free vacations to Hawaii disguised as training programs, and free products -- and that investment pays off in a flood of prescriptions.

The medical treatment you get at the offices of most doctors has been designed and implemented by pharmaceutical companies, not by professionals who actually understand health. It is, indeed, the largest con every perpetrated on the American people, and with 2.2 million injuries and 100,000 deaths caused by prescription drugs each year in the United States, it is by far the most evil con witnessed in the last hundred years. Big Medicine must be exposed for the profiteering racket it has become, and doctors need to start leaning about the causes of health, not merely how to treat symptoms with drugs. Recommended reading: Prescription For Disaster.


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