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Originally published January 19 2004

Meat recovery equipment squeezes bovine spinal fluid out of bones and sells it to consumers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR) equipment is ghastly: it stuffs a cow carcass into a wringer machine, squeezes the bones until they leak, and packages the meaty liquid that comes out as "beef" for hot dogs, packaged meats. And, of course, it "reclaims" quite a bit of spinal material in the process -- precisely the material that carries mad cow disease.

It's the meat packing industry's way of literally squeezing every last penny out of a dead cow, but it's also potentially deadly to U.S. consumers who eat beef, since a dead cow contaminated with mad cow disease that's put through the AMR wringer would inevitably infect the meat products sold by the packing plant.

The more we learn about how the beef industry really operates, the more grotesque it appears. I'd bet that when most Americans read, "100% beef" on the label of some packaged food product, they weren't imagining the runoff juices of cow bones squeezed through a wringer machine. What most people consider "beef" is wholly different from what the beef industry considers "beef." And if you've been eating hot dogs, bologna or other packaged meats over the years, you've probably already had your fill of cow parts.


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