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Originally published January 17 2004

Bayer Corp would reap tremendous profits by convincing the public to take an aspirin every day

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Bayer Corp, the maker of aspirin, is trying to get the FDA to approve the use of aspirin as a preventive measure against heart attacks. The ploy, of course, is to get permission to run TV ads that say, "One aspirin a day will prevent heart attacks, even if you've never had a heart attack."

Bayer wants every person in the world to take one aspirin a day. Why? Because it's good for profits, of course. Very good for profits. Get the entire population believing that aspirin is good for them, and get the FDA to line up behind it, and you've got a great racket running.

In reality, eating some chlorella each day, or flax oil each day, or some fresh fruits and vegetables each day is probably far better for your heart than an aspirin a day, and real foods don't cause gastrointestinal scarring, either.


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