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Originally published January 17 2004

Bad science meant to mislead the public about the true causes of obesity

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

When bad medicine comes to the surface, you get headlines line the one below which seems to imply that a certain gene causes insulin resistence. Of course, it's hogwash. The gene simply multiplies poor dietary habits, such as high sugar consumption and excess caloric intake.

Insulin resistence wouldn't appear in any of the people tested if they maintained a healthy body weight, followed a low-carb, and exercised regularly. Don't let this research fool you: obesity isn't a genetic disorder, it's a choice you make every time you sit down to eat or get up to do something. The better you eat, and the more physically fit you choose to stay, the less these genes have control over the outcome.

The purpose of this sort of news (below), by the way, is to convince the public that obesity isn't something they can control and, therefore, sell them obesity drugs.


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