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Originally published January 17 2004

Researchers are looking in the wrong place for answers to osteoporosis

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

I'm not sure how exactly you "collect bone samples" from live bears while they're hibernating, but these researchers apparently did the job in an effort to understand why bears' bones don't go limp during their Winter hibernation. It's another effort to try to understand osteoporosis in humans. Like a lot of research, it misses the boat: osteoporosis in humans is caused by two things: 1) Nutritional habits that strip bones of calcium (such as drinking soft drinks, eating sugars, and consuming highly acidic foods) and 2) Lack of physical exercise (which keeps bones strong). It really isn't about hormones or genes (as you've probably been lead to believe).

As with virtually all modern diseases -- cancer, diabetes, obesity -- it's all about your daily behavior. Women in their 60's who eat right and exercise five times a week have bones as strong as many 20 year olds. And strength training does wonders for the elderly. Want to prevent hip fractures and increase your bone mass? Hit the gym and pump some iron. No kidding.


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